Beatriz Jimenez |

Beatriz Jimenez

Research Associate

Beatriz’s background is a bit on the unconventional side. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a criminal justice degree, she decided to not use her degree at all and commission into the Air Force. There she spent seven years as an Intelligence Officer, where she supported missions as an analyst throughout the Middle East region.

After deploying three times to the region, she became passionate about wanting to help the growing refugee crisis. So she decided to take the risk and explore other career options outside of the military. All she knew was that she wanted to help others and use her love for analyzing data to do so.

She stumbled upon NextAfter as she was running her online baking fundraiser, B’s Baking for a Better Future, where she was raising money for children affected by war and conflict. She looked up “ways to optimize online fundraising,” and BAM! She came across this company. Now here she is as a research associate, using her sweet analysis skills to create and publish research projects on how to optimize online fundraising. It all came full circle. 

When she isn’t baking and consuming dangerous amounts of coffee, she’s probably hanging out with her two terriers, Bailey and Spartacus, and telling them how cute they are every five minutes.