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We recently hosted an online optimization session that broke down the three key metrics to online fundraising and presented examples of how to optimize each of them to increase online revenue. In this video, you will see how simple growing your online fundraising can be when you look at the right data.

We’ve also included several examples of successful optimization case studies for each key metric.

At the end of the optimization session, we referenced our FCORM report that shows you how your organization stacks up against other nonprofits along these three key metrics. You can get your free report here.


About the author:

Jeff Giddens

Jeff was the 1994 Georgia State Spelling Bee champion.

  • Bonnie Eames

    Thanks just completed the webinar, was very informative, a little overwhelming for a new tiny non profit, but had a few brain storms while watching! So totally not sure how you follow people surfing, the 1,2,3,4, examples left me in the dust. We just upgraded so we can see the visitor count, time on page etc. still waiting for the first donation, but have a couple ideas now to try. Thanks for letting me access this after it’s scheduled time, I could not get out in time and thought I missed it.

  • Really interesting webinar – Thanks!