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Marketing Automation & Personalization with Gabe Cooper from Virtuous – The Generosity Freakshow

Published by Brady Josephson

How can you communicate in a real, personal way with hundreds and thousands of people? Why is that important? What does it mean for nonprofits and philanthropy? That’s the focus of today’s episode with Gabe Cooper — founder and President of Virtuous.

Links & Resources:

  • Virtuous: https://www.virtuouscrm.com/
  • Email Fundraising Optimization Course: https://www.nextafter.com/email

Marketing Automation & Personalization with Gabe Cooper from Virtuous

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Brady Josephson

Brady Josephson is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, digital marketer, professor, and writer. At NextAfter, he focuses on business development and partnerships, content creation, and marketing. He's also a huge Liverpool FC fan. #YNWA