Director of Demand Generation / Audience Growth Manager

NextAfter is currently seeking an experienced and motivated individual to fill two specific roles – the Director of Demand Generation. This person will lead the overall marketing and demand gen function while concentrating on directly executing the subscriber and list growth activities for the company.

Director of Demand Generation:

The Director of Demand Generation serves as the spearhead for NextAfter’s mission to share what works in fundraising with as many nonprofits as possible. This encompasses the areas of brand awareness within the industry, inbound marketing, business development enablement and audience engagement/retention. 

The success of this position will be measured by:

  • Email list growth
  • Web traffic growth
  • Subscriber/audience engagement
  • Event engagement
  • Inbound lead generation, and
  • Market research conducted

The ideal candidate for this position has a passion for understanding the market’s needs and can develop ongoing marketing campaigns and promotional strategies – leveraging insights from data, analytics, and a/b testing to continually optimize results.

While this role will be hands-on, you’ll also have a small team to lead, coach, and equip to implement and execute marketing strategies that achieve company marketing and demand generation goals.

The primary responsibilities for this position are:

  • Leading, managing, and driving accountability for the demand generation team, including the Audience Growth, Audience Engagement, and Events teams.
  • Developing and executing annual demand generation plan & budget in accordance with company goals and initiatives.
  • Identifying market segments and personas and crafting strategies to connect with different audiences with relevant content and communications.
  • Researching the market to identify needs and gaps in educational and training content that can be filled by the NextAfter team.
  • Ensuring that the department is using and fully leveraging the correct technology solutions to facilitate efficient and accurate deployment of campaigns with the ability to measure and evaluate performance.
  • Overseeing ongoing testing and optimization in all marketing channels.
  • Developing performance reports to measure actual performance against departmental goals.
  • Interviewing, hiring, and training staff in the demand generation department and helping staff to grow and develop their professional skills
  • Growing the NextAfter subscriber audience via any and all available channels:

The success of this position will be measured by:

  • Email file growth
  • Web traffic growth
  • Inbound lead generation

The ideal candidate will be excited and motivated by the challenge of aggressively expanding the reach of NextAfter in the marketplace by providing relevant and high quality content to the fundraising community in a wide range of mediums.

The primary responsibilities for this position are:

  • SEO and inbound marketing strategy and execution.
  • Paid advertising strategy and execution.
  • Account-based marketing targeting ideal prospects in identified segments and personas.
  • Industry outreach and engagement, including speaking engagements and external events.


  • 5+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Experience managing digital marketing staff
  • Demonstrated ability to craft marketing strategies to achieve targets
  • Proficient knowledge and experience with marketing automation platforms (i.e. Hubspot)
  • Experience running paid advertising campaigns using Facebook, Google advertising, and other platforms
  • Experience working in a CMS (i.e. WordPress)
  • Experience managing budgets and expenses
  • Strong A/B testing and optimization skills
  • Proficient project management skills
  • Experience with researching, analyzing, and reporting out of Google Analytics
  • Essential HTML / CSS knowledge
  • Experience managing creative direction & design
  • Experience presenting campaign strategy & results to key stakeholders
  • Exceptionally strong copywriting skills

If you are interested in learning more about the career opportunities at NextAfter, please send your resume and short introduction to Julie Connor (