Research Associate - NextAfter

Research Associate

Job Description

A research associate at NextAfter serves a critical and vital role to fulfilling our mission: decoding what works in fundraising and make what we’re learning accessible to as many nonprofits as possible.

The research associate helps facilitate two kinds of research.

First and foremost, this position leads our “mystery donor” research projects where we document the strategies and tactics that nonprofits are using to try and grow their fundraising results. This includes:

  • Managing research projects from planning, to execution, to publication
  • Facilitating the data capture on new research studies
  • Conducting analysis to answer key research questions
  • Writing consumer-facing reports documenting the research findings
  • Presenting results to both internal and external clients

Secondly, the research associate assists with tagging, cleaning, and cataloging a/b tests and fundraising experiments in our proprietary testing library called WinstonKnows. This includes:

  • Updating a/b test writeups with proper tagging and title to improve database search
  • Editing and refining experiment write-ups to accurately reflect results and learnings
  • Publishing experiments to with accurate data and write-ups
  • Managing a/b testing projects with both internal and external clients and partners

The ideal candidate for this role will have a love of learning, and mind for managing and understanding data, a bent towards project management, strong communication skills, and a heart for helping nonprofits increase their impact.

Here are some additional requirements for the role:

  • 3+ years of experience in fundraising, marketing, or web analytics
  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Powerpoint

The ideal candidate will also have:

  • Extensive project management experience
  • Fundraising or nonprofit background
  • Experience conducting marketing benchmark reports or other analytics data capture and reporting
  • Experience compiling and presenting complex information to leaders, boards, and/or customers
  • Strong copywriting ability
  • Google analytics experience and proficiency
  • Google Data Studio experience and proficiency
  • Google Optimize experience and proficiency
  • Basic WordPress or comparable CMS experience
  • Basic knowledge of A/B testing and optimization principles
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite (i.e. Photoshop & InDesign

If these skills and experience sound like you, I hope you’ll apply for this Research Associate role. If selected for this position, you’ll fill a critical need on the NextAfter team as we work to achieve our vision of unleashing the most generous generation in the history of the world.