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Raise More Money with Your Year-End Fundraising

Discover 12 new insights and strategies to test this year-end in this free eBook

With the critical year-end fundraising season approaching, nearly every fundraiser is looking for the secret strategy to raise more money at year-end than ever before.

So we analyzed over 6000 year-end fundraising emails from top-nonprofits in 2017  to  find new ways to cut through the year-end fundraising clutter.

We asked questions such as:

  • When is the best time to send an email?
  • How many emails should you send?
  • Should  you use a count-down clock  on your donation page?

This free eBook will give you 12 unique ideas that you can test and implement in your year-end fundraising campaign this December to reach more donors, make a more effective appeal, and raise more money to fund your next year of impact.

Get the free eBook with 12 new strategies to grow your year-end fundraising
Raise more money this year-end by testing and implementing the 12 insights and strategies in this free Cut Through the Clutter ebook. Get your free copy by filling out the form below.