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Inside this report, you’ll get a benchmark of the traffic, conversion rates, and revenue from the year-end campaigns of 30 high-performing nonprofit organizations in 2022. 

The little-known insights and tactics revealed inside will help you stand out from the noise of year-end appeals, build a compelling case for support, and ultimately earn more revenue. You’ll discover:

  • The most valuable day of the year-end season, hint: it isn’t Giving Tuesday! (p. 12)
  • How asking for less can actually increase revenue — if you do this! (p. 18)
  • Why what you say in your appeal may not be as important as how you say it! (p. 20)
  • How this “intrusive” tactic can actually boost donations by more than 30% (p. 24)
  • How “interrupting” the donation process can grow recurring giving despite flying in the face of best practices! (p. 30)

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This Year-End Research Study Includes 8 Proven Strategies to Help You Plan Your Most Successful Year-End Campaign Yet