Donation Page Optimization

Many fundraisers look to sales tactics of major corporations and online retailers to learn how to craft an effective donation page. But this assumes that the psychology behind the donation process and the sales process are similar. Our extensive research in nonprofit donation page optimization reveals something different. The thought sequence in making an online donation versus purchasing a product online are nearly opposites.

When purchasing a product online, the buyer enters their credit card information and makes the transaction. Afterwards, the buyer experiences the benefit of their purchase once it shows up on their doorstep.

When making a donation, the benefit is not a product, but rather an intangible feeling of making a difference in the world. This feeling comes as the donor begins to understand the value of your organization and the impact that you are having. It isn’t until after this feeling comes that the donor actually puts in their payment information and completes their transaction.

This baseline understanding of nonprofit donation page optimization will help you begin to test different variables on your donation pages. The more you test, the more learnings you will discover about what makes your donors give. These learnings will allow you to lift you conversion rate and average gift size.

The blogs below will give you new ideas and strategies to test on your donation pages to help you grow your online revenue.

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