Email Fundraising Optimization

The first and foremost principle of nonprofit email fundraising is one of the core principles of fundraising as a whole. People give to people. When it comes to email fundraising optimization, it is crucial that we remember that people give to people – not email machines.

We’ve watched this principle play out over hundreds of tests on email appeals, cultivation emails, content offer emails, and more. What we’ve found is that donors want real relationships with real people. They aren’t interested in some organization telling them what to do. But donors are inspired when they have trusting relationships built with real, believable people.

Too often, most of our fundraising and marketing is uses organizational-centric language rather than donor-centric language. We send impersonal emails to thousands of people at a time that are irrelevant and un-empathetic.

The blogs below on email fundraising optimization explore strategies testing all variables of your email marketing and fundraising. They will help you find what messages, what tone, and what senders resonate with your donors. Ultimately, they will help you learn what works to drive more revenue for your organization through email fundraising.

Recent Nonprofit Email Optimization Blogs