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NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy that works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work. 

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Quite honestly, the only way to know what works is to put your ideas to the test. But since that takes a lot of time and effort, we’ve outlined 9 questions to ask when creating your next email fundraising appeal based on learnings from 2,500+ online fundraising experiments.

In this quick email fundraising reference guide, you’ll find data-driven and proven tactics to improve your:

  • Subject lines
  • Email copy
  • Design
  • Calls-to-action
  • And more.

Ultimately, these ideas are designed to get you more donations, not just opens and clicks.

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What fundraisers say about NextAfter resources:

"What I like about your materials is that you really understand development and how it works and the importance of the relationship and getting the most out of every encounter."

- Margaret, Layne Consulting

"Honestly- no other organization nails the everyday issues/tips/experiences of the fundraising shop like NextAfter. I really, really appreciate the work that goes into your findings as it is SO helpful for us in the digital fundraising field. Keep up the great work!"

- Anna, Lakehead University

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A Quick Reference Guide to
Email Fundraising

There are too many voices speaking into your email fundraising.

Traditional fundraisers want you to write your email appeals like you’d write a direct mail appeal – but they’re entirely different mediums.

Email platforms want you to use all of their cool design features because, well, you paid for them.

And most “best practice” blogs often recycle ecommerce email marketing ideas in hopes they work for fundraising too – without any real evidence.

How are you supposed to know what works to grow your email revenue?