How to Optimize Your Year-End Fundraising

This event took place on December 4th, 2018

Year-end season is here, and there’s not much time left to retool and work your campaign. But there’s always time to optimize. And sometimes even small changes can lead to major growth in opens, clicks, donations, and revenue.

In this rapid-fire webinar, we’re going to take a look at real year-end donation pages and emails being used in campaigns this December and optimize them live.

During this webinar, you’ll see exactly how to apply tested and proven principles and tactics to your:

  • Subject lines
  • Email design
  • Email copy
  • Donation page layout
  • Donation forms
  • And more…

Download the Slides

The Email and Donation Page Checklists

If we didn’t get a chance to review your year-end email or donation page during the webinar, you can use these checklists to evaluate each key aspect and see what opportunities you have to optimize your year-end fundraising.

Use the email body checklist to analyze your email copy and design, ensuring that it communicates in an authentic and personal way. Download the email checklist »

Use the main donation page checklist to analyze your year-end donation page, ensuring that it communicates value, reduces friction, and aligns with the motivation of your year-end donor. Download the main donation page checklist »

Dive Deeper in the Free Year-End Fundraising Course

Year-End Fundraising Webinar ImageA year-end fundraising campaign has the ability to make or break a nonprofit’s impact in the following year. With so much riding on its success, crafting a successful campaign can often be paralyzing – keeping many of us from trying and testing new ideas in order to grow.

In this 4-session year-end fundraising course, you’ll discover tons of new ideas to use to craft a successful year-end fundraising campaign for your organization based on years of research and over 1000 online fundraising experiments.

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