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/ˈfrikSHən/ Noun. Anything that causes psychological resistance to a given element in the online donation process.

Is there friction in your online giving process? Answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge to find out if friction may be slowing your donors down.

Your Friction Self-Assessment

1. Does your giving page include links to other content pages?

2. Does it take more than 1 click to complete your donation process?

3. Does it take longer than 5 seconds for your donation page to load?

4. Do you have gift designation options on your donation page?

5. Do you provide an option to make a gift in memory of someone else?

6. Does your form include any additional fields besides payment and contact information?

7. Do you have to pinch and zoom to complete your donation page on a mobile device?

8. Do you require visitors to register an account to make a donation?

9. When a field is omitted, does your donation page highlight the missing field(s) before the gift is submitted?

10. Does it take more than 2 steps to complete a donation?

11. Does it take more than 1 click to reach the donation form from the “Donate” button from the homepage?

12. Does your donation process require donors to add a donation to a “cart”?

13. Does your donation process ask donors to opt‐in to emails?

14. Has it been more than 6 months since you ran a test donation?

15. Does your donation page have buttons, banners, or navigation that takes the donor out of the donation process?

16. Do you currently monitor and measure your donation abandonment rate?

17. Do you know what your average donation conversion rate is?

18. Have you performed an A/B split test on your donation process in the last 6 months?

19. Have you made any changes to your giving page in the last 3 months?

20. Do you have a benchmark or goal for your donation conversion rate on your web site?

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