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Lift Revenue on Your Main Donation Page

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Every nonprofit that accepts online donations has a general donation page. But there are so many best practices floating around that it can be hard to identify exactly how to craft your donation page.

  • How long should your copy be?
  • Should you use a video?
  • How much information is too much to ask for?
  • Should I use a gift array?

Because the motivation of your donors on these pages varies so significantly, we can’t assume that every visitor is ready to donate. And it’s nearly impossible to guess why they are considering a donation.

Taking these factors into account, we’ve analyzed our entire research library to create a guide outlining everything that we have learned about lifting donations and revenue on a general donation page.

Lift your revenue with the free general donation page guide
Use the form below to download the free general donation page guide. These ideas will help you test your way to a higher-converting donation page that will bring in more revenue for your organization.