Grow Your Revenue Without Asking for Money
How to use content marketing and other strategies to create stronger donors

One of the hardest parts of fundraising is knowing just how often to ask for a donation. If we don’t ask often enough, many potential donors won’t give simply because they haven’t been given the opportunity to support your cause.

If we ask too often, our email file and existing donors will get tired of us continually asking for money. This will lead to unsubscribes and poor engagement over time.

Thankfully, there’s another option to activate and develop stronger donors  without asking for more money. One of the keys is content marketing.

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Date:  Thursday, July 27th, 2017
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Kevin is the Senior Vice President of Data & Strategy at NextAfter. Using his background in data analysis and digital marketing, Kevin works with nonprofit organizations to create long term fundraising strategies based upon historical data trends and through rigorous testing and continuous optimization.

About Kevin Peters

In an upcoming live broadcast on Thursday, July 27, Kevin Peters will explore our most recent experiments that demonstrate how utilizing effective content marketing can drive significant increases in both donations and revenue for your organization.

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