What should I wear?

It's virtual! No need to put on your best business attire. Just wear whatever is comfortable for you. You won’t be out of place in jeans and a t-shirt 

What will the schedule look like?

The workshop will be from 10am to 4pm central time. The day will be broken up into sessions, many of which are hands-on and will get you interacting and discussing with other attendees. You'll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and walk away with practical applications.

The day will end with a  certification exam. But don't let that scare you. We'll do everything we can to ensure you're fully equipped to pass.

Do I need to have anything prepared beforehand?

Be sure to have a pen and notebook  to take notes with. You'll obviously need a computer, laptop, or other device that can connect to Zoom. Most importantly, make sure you have a link(s) to your donation page(s) on hand. We'll try to make some time to review them live.

Who is NextAfter?

NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy. We've conducted over 2,500 online fundraising experiments spanning more than  200 Million donor interactions. These  workshops are the culmination of our learnings – helping more nonprofits to apply tested and proven strategies to grow their fundraising and increase generosity.

How is this different than NextAfter Institute's normal online courses?

The main difference is that it's live instead of static video recordings. You'll have a live instructor, time for Q&A, opportunity to get feedback from other live attendees, and a dedicated time to complete the certification course all in one day.

Have a different question?

Feel free to email Brady Josephson (brady@nextafter.com) with any additional questions.