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NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy that works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work. 

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If you search for “nonprofit email welcome series”, many of the top results will tell you that effective welcome emails use eye-catching subject lines, consistent sender names, or visual elements in your design. 

But the truth is that most fundraisers waste their time trying to sound catchy, appear super creative, or adhere to “best practices” that they miss the most important aspect of email fundraising: People give to people

This new donor welcome series timeline takes what we’ve learned about creating humanized email fundraising from over 3,200 online fundraising experiments and crafting real email welcome series for countless nonprofits.

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What fundraisers say about NextAfter resources:

"What I like about your materials is that you really understand development and how it works and the importance of the relationship and getting the most out of every encounter."

- Margaret, Layne Consulting

"Honestly- no other organization nails the everyday issues/tips/experiences of the fundraising shop like NextAfter. I really, really appreciate the work that goes into your findings as it is SO helpful for us in the digital fundraising field. Keep up the great work!"

- Anna, Lakehead University

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Build a more effective new donor welcome series with this timeline

The New Donor Welcome Series Timeline breaks down a proven methodology for crafting humanized emails that resonate with potential donors. 

Ultimately, you shouldn’t care about getting more clicks if they don’t lead to more donations and revenue. All the strategies in the timeline are focused around key outcomes including: 

  • Increasing new donations 
  • Boosting your email fundraising revenue
  • Creating meaningful relationships that lead to lasting donors


"I loved that every concept you discussed was based in a study." – Heather Gracie, Creative Science 

"Lots of great data with practical applications for improving donation pages." – Ardie Coolidge, Director of Marketing

What others have said about NextAfter online fundraising templates...

"What I like about your materials is that you really understand development and how it works and the importance of the relationship and getting the most out of every encounter (be it in person or with materials or digitally or in traditional or social media). 

So far I am just enjoying what you are doing and thank you for it."

Margaret Layne, Layne Consulting

What fundraisers say about NextAfter's resources...