Nonprofit Advertising Optimization

Most nonprofits don’t have big budgets to spend on broadcast media or billboards. They need to spend money where they know they are speaking to the right people. So they need the most data on their audience. Who has the most data on its users? Facebook.

Why Facebook? Because you put it in there when it asked you what kind of music you liked, or when your birthday was, or who your family members were. As a nonprofit, you have access to all this data — which means you can target just the right people. That’s a huge advantage for a small budget!

But how do you make that sort of targeting deliver value for your nonprofit?

The nonprofit advertising optimization blogs below will help you learn how to test your Facebook ads and other advertising channels to get more of the right traffic to your pages in order to acquire more names, donors, and dollars for your organization.

Recent Nonprofit Advertising Optimization Blogs