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"How should our organization respond to the coronavirus?"

This has been one of the most common questions being asked by nonprofit fundraisers and marketers. But the truth is that no one truly knows what the "correct" response is.

The good news is that data can give us new fundraising and marketing insights to test during  this time.

In the charts below, you'll find the latest

  • Nonprofit web traffic trends
  • COVID-19 related email volume and examples
  • Resources to help you improve your fundraising

Nonprofit Fundraising Data to Help You Respond During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Nonprofit Website Traffic Trends

How Nonprofit Website Traffic Is Being Affected by COVID-19

Through the NextAfter Online Benchmark report, we have access to over 90 different nonprofit's web analytics. It is a different set of organizations than what is displayed above but the insights are  still enlightening.

Nonprofit Email Volume Trends

Other Resources to Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Just because your communication and fundraising calendar may look different during this pandemic, that doesn't mean that prior research and learnings should get tossed out.

Below, you will find additional resources that can help you craft more human and empathetic fundraising communication – all based on testing, experimentation, and first-hand research.

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Aggregate Donor Inbox

As part of our mystery donor studies, we will often subscribe and donate to a wide variety of organizations. Their communications all feed into a single inbox we call the "Aggregate Donor Inbox." 

Now you can know what others in the industry are doing related to COVID-19.

Nonprofit Email Examples Mentioning Coronavirus

Sometimes seeing the communication from other organizations can inspire a new messaging idea to test with your own audience. Below, you can sort through various email examples from real nonprofits that are addressing coronavirus in their communication.

Coronavirus Related Resources

Livestream Fundraising & COVID-19 w/ Michael Wasserman of Tiltify [Podcast]

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Fundraising During the Corona Outbreak: Answers to 5 Pressing Questions [Article]

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The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation [Research Study]

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Responsive Fundraising w/ Gabe Cooper of Virtuous [Podcast]

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Email Fundraising Optimization [Certification Course]

In such a time of crisis, being human and empathetic with your communication is more important than ever. This email certification course will teach you tested and proven strategies to create humanized email fundraising campaigns that also lead to more donors and revenue.

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Going Deeper with Online Fundraising

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A Discussion About COVID-19 and Its Impact on Online Fundraising [Webinar]

See how COVID-19 is impacting the online fundraising strategies of nonprofit organizations like your own in a free, on-demand webinar with Tim Kachuriak of NextAfter.

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We're gathering the latest nonprofit email data. This may take a moment.

We're gathering the latest nonprofit web traffic data. This may take a moment.

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Other Coronavirus Related Resources

How tailoring your ask to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis impacted donor conversion rate

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 COVID-19 Related Experiments

How relevant, non-specific “crisis” language affects conversion 

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