How a personal approach in a Facebook ad affects name conversion Experiment ID: #8351

Buckner International

Buckner International is a global ministry dedicated to the transformation and restoration of the lives we serve. We are a Christ-centered organization that delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable from the beginning to the ending of life.

Experiment Summary

Timeframe: 12/15/2017 - 1/5/2018

Buckner International was trying to increase conversion rate and decrease cost per name with a new ad treatment for their 7 Scriptures offer. They wanted to test a more personal approach from the president of Buckner, talking about his personal experience with his kids and how a daily prayer life made him a better parent.

The variable tested was the body copy of the ad. Everything else was the same.

Research Question

Does a more personal approach from a known figure increase name conversion rate in a Facebook ad?


C: Control with Scripture
T1: Dr. Reyes Version


Treatment Name Conv. Rate Relative Difference Confidence
C: Control with Scripture 2.6%
T1: Dr. Reyes Version 1.2% -53.5% 100.0%

This experiment has a required sample size of 996 in order to be valid. Since the experiment had a total sample size of 787,200, and the level of confidence is above 95% the experiment results are valid.

Flux Metrics Affected

The Flux Metrics analyze the three primary metrics that affect revenue (traffic, conversion rate, and average gift). This experiment produced the following results:

    0% increase in traffic
× 53.5% decrease in conversion rate
× 0% increase in average gift

Key Learnings

The longer copy from Dr. Reyes decreased conversion by 53%. This tells us that people are either more compelled by copy that directly addresses them first and immediately supports that value prop with scripture, or there was too much supporting copy in the treatment that people were not motivated to click through to the landing page. In future tests, this approach should be tested only with a similar amount of body copy so that the “learn more” is not a variable factor as well as the change of tone.

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Allison Jones

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