1.9% lift How page formatting impacts engagement

Date Added: October 7, 2019 Research Partner: Alliance Defending Freedom Element tested: Engagement

Alliance Defending Freedom had turned their blog posts into a significant source of new subscribers for the organization. As a result, much of the optimization efforts had been put into increasing that acquisition or the downstream conversion. However, during a discussion with the whole team, a theory was developed that if we could increase engagement on the page, we could potentially increase email acquisition too. We decided to shift our efforts from direct email acquisition to indirect acquisition through increased engagement. One of the first efforts we decided to test was making the blog more readable. To do this, we increased the default font size and added quotes throughout the articles. Where relevant, we also added sub-headlines to make the text more scannable to the average reader.

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51.3% lift How presenting an offer to people based on what they consume impacts conversion on parenting articles

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Advertising

Focus on the Family has done significant testing within the articles on their website. From testing the kind of offer to the placement of the offers, they have optimized and continue to optimize the conversion opportunities on the articles pages for the significant volume of traffic. Most recently they learned that presenting people a premium/book at the end of the articles, that readers could receive by giving a gift of any amount, had the most significant impact on donor conversion. To continue to test into this learning, they hypothesized that presenting people with a targeted offer based on their engagement on the Focus on the Family website might increase donor conversion. Focus identified the top premium offers based on what is most requested and the kind of content that people read and consume from their site and offered premiums that closely aligned with those topics. This approach was tested against offering people one single premium offer. We ran this experiment and found that a significant portion of the traffic on the article pages were either first time visitors to the Focus website, or this was the first article they consumed from Focus. This audience was not receiving targeted content offers based on cookies. Because of this, 68% of the donations from the treatment results had been receiving the single content offer/premium. 

After discovering this we wanted to re-test this approach with targeted content offers based on the current article they are reading. This small nuance to the experiment is critical in knowing whether a targeted content offer based on the kind of content people consume helps increases donor conversion. 

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88.8% lift How a recurring ask in a Dear Reader impacts donor conversion and overall revenue

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: EWTN Element tested: Advertising

Catholic News Agency has tested in to the use of a "Dear Reader" feature within their article pages. This feature gives readers of CNA the opportunity to make a gift to the organization after they've read an article. We hypothesized we might be able to increase the conversion and potentially the revenue from this feature if we asked people for a recurring gift instead of a one-time gift. To do this, we developed a treatment Dear Reader feature that asked people for a recurring gift and took them to a page where they were only able to make a recurring gift. This was tested against the control that had a one-time gift focus and linked people to a page where the one-time gift option was the default, yet they could make a recurring gift as well.

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14.7% lift How changing the subject line of Evangelize emails to a name of a story increases opens

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate Element tested: Email Subject Line

The monthly newsletter sent out by MAMI uses a standard subject line each month that clearly identifies the publication and the date it is sent. However, there was the hypothesis that if we made the subject line more casual, we could increase the open rate. We decided to test this with a 50/50 split.

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Not Valid How “impact language” affects donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Donation Page Copy

CaringBridge's main donation page had always been difficult to test, since it had a relatively low volume of traffic and a relatively high conversion rate. However, they didn't want settle for "good enough", so they kept testing. The control copy asked "What does CaringBridge mean to you" and had a highly personal appeal that proposed various emotions that might be brought to the surface when one uses CaringBridge. They wanted to test "impact language" that talked about what CaringBridge does instead of what it means to the individual viewer. They drafted new copy that very simply told the viewer what would happen when they gave—loved ones would be connected.

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Not Valid How clarifying the steps of a donation form impacted donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Form

The monthly recurring donor page for Focus on the Family had held a relatively low conversion rate when compared to other donation pages. After running more than five experiments, we had not been able to statistically improve overall results. After testing several value propositions, advertising to the page, and even adding additional functionality (live chat), we decided to shift focus to the form itself. Based upon learnings we had seen with similar organizations, we decided to try modifying the form headers to add clarity on the purpose of each section. We also numbered the headlines to help move the user down the page.

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1,083.9% lift How the membership offer increased new donor conversion rates from Facebook

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Alliance Defending Freedom Element tested: Donation Page Headline, Donation Page Copy

As a part of experimenting with ADF's membership offer, we wanted to test a direct donation appeal from Facebook audiences being driven directly into the membership offer page. The experiment had a fixed budget and the goal was to determine the viability of the membership offer in terms of acquiring new donors. 

We decided to compare our fixed budget (once spent) and the results it generated against the "first x dollars spent" (that matched the budget) in two similar (and recently launched) offers to see if we could glean insight into how membership performed as a new donor acquisition offer.

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90.8% lift How a visual reminder of a daily goal impacts donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Buckner International Element tested: Donation Page Design

Buckner International was running a fundraising campaign around their Shoes for Orphan Souls. The majority of the efforts were taking place via email but we decided to see if we could also drive additional traffic to the donation page by setting a daily goal and reporting on it via a sticky bar. This sticky bar would be shown throughout the Buckner website and would point to a Shoes donation page. 

After setting up the advertising, we had the hypothesis that adding the sticky bar on to the donation page may serve as a visual reminder for those coming from the website and could also serve to motivate individuals coming from email. We decided to test this hypothesis for the duration of the campaign.

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27.5% lift How streamlining an inline donation ask affects donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Advertising

CaringBridge had a donation ask embedded in the "flow" of journal posts for CaringBridge authors. For many years, this "widget" had branded and set apart from the other posts with a border and a separate background. The team wondered if this made the ask look "too much like an ad". They developed a simpler, streamlined version of this, based off of research that had happened elsewhere in the site, and launched a test to determine if the design affected donor conversion.

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-51.1% drop How the suggested gift amount impacts donor conversion and revenue

Date Added: September 22, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Form

Focus on the Family has developed a bunch of video series that they use as acquisition offers using paid media to promote them. Once a person signs up for the offer, they are taken to an instant donation page. On this page, we offer them a premium to get if they make a gift of $50 or more. We hypothesized that we might be able to increase donor conversion if we lowered the suggested gift amount to $35. We wanted to see if we could increase donor conversion while still keeping the revenue at the same amount or more by increasing the number of donors. We tested the $50 suggested gift against a $35 suggested gift, change the number of people that they would reach with their gift amount, but didn't change any other copy on the page.

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