125.5% lift How more donation options with a lower initial ask affects recurring donations

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: Leadership Institute Element tested: Donation Page Form

Leadership Institute had successfully run an experiment on their main donation page that did not affect conversion, but increased the number of recurring gifts that the organization received through a tabbed "onetime/monthly" donation form. However, they wanted to see if they could make a change to encourage more recurring gifts. Their current "monthly" tab had a gift array of "$15/$20/$25", which did not give much room for variation. If the donor did not want to give something within that $10 range, then they had to come up with their own amount. They created a 5-option variant that had a lower initial amount ($10) and a much higher $50 option. They split traffic evenly to monitor conversion rate and the distribution of one-time and recurring gifts.

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14.0% lift How explaining the content inside an email newsletter affects email acquisition rate

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: Leadership Institute Element tested: Advertising

Leadership Institute’s website CampusReform.org had a sticky bar that showed for mobile devices and gave them the opportunity to sign up for their email list. The team wanted to test different options to see if one copy variant could increase conversion rate. The control had the headline “Don’t miss a story”, and offered CampusWire, the weekly newsletter. They decided to test two different angles. First, they moved the CampusWire name to the headline to see if introducing that earlier could pique curiosity about the newsletter and inspire people to sign up. In doing this, they realized that repeating the name in the short paragraph below the headline would be redundant, so they inserted new copy about leftist bias, in order to fill the space and continue to motivate the reader. Then, they created an unbranded, yet more specific headline in the style of the control: “Don’t miss a campus report”. They altered the paragraph beneath the headline to further explain the concept of a “campus report”, showing that it comes straight from student reporters and includes stories of leftist bias. They launched an A/B/C test to find a winner.

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55.9% lift Helpful language vs admonishment on a devotional landing page

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising

After our test on the Defending Your Pro-Life Beliefs course page where we found that conversational language directed at helping visitors outperformed more militant "Learn to defend your pro-life beliefs" language, we wanted to try a similar approach to our successful 40-Day devotional Prayers for Life. Our control version focused on the need to be more like Jesus and prayerfully interceding for the unborn at risk of abortion. The control copy focused on how we "can't afford" to stop praying and used heavier language to make visitors feel obligated to pray, and hopefully, download the devotional. Our variation used language directed at providing a "daily reminder" to pray to a person's inbox. The new copy assumed that visitors were already praying for the unborn, rather than assuming that they weren't. We tested this new approach on both the landing page and in the ad.

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-29.0% drop How adding a signer to a recurring ask popup affects clickthrough rate

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Advertising

CaringBridge was running a popup for certain visitors that had previously visited a CaringBridge site. These visitors were shown the popup when they went to leave the site and it prompted them to become a recurring donor. We decided to run an experiment to see if making the ask relate more to an individual instead of the generic "website" would help increase traffic to the donation page.

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-98.5% drop How promoting a video, then retargeting video viewers with an offer decreased results

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Advertising

Facebook agency partners consistently tell agencies, who then tell the clients they serve, that the best way to promote an offer is to launch with a video, optimize your campaign for video views, then retarget video viewers with an offer. 

The Heritage Foundation decided that they would like to test this process once and for all and get to the bottom of whether or not this approach does indeed increase results.

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Not Valid How a “most popular” pre-selected value in the gift array did not hurt conversion or revenue

Date Added: November 8, 2019 Research Partner: The Fund for American Studies Element tested: Donation Page Form

In an attempt to increase the average gift for The Fund for American Studies’ acquisition campaign, we decided to experiment with a “most popular” treatment on the $50 amount in the gift array to see if it would increase the average gift amount from instant donors.

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100.0% lift How form formatting improved donor conversion rate

Date Added: November 1, 2019 Research Partner: The Fund for American Studies Element tested: Donation Page Form

When The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) launched their new ebook offer, we used the typical form format for the instant donation page. When reviewing the field structuring and format, we theorized that two things may create friction in the donation process. First, we believed that putting the donation amount above the contact or payment information would improve results. Secondly, we believed that by increasing the size of the donation amount buttons (to make them both stand out and be more easily "clickable") would improve results. And finally, we believed that separating the form fields into "sections" that it would break up the first glance reaction to seeing the form fields as "a lot of work."

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293.2% lift How clearly articulating the value proposition on the primary donation page increased giving

Date Added: November 1, 2019 Research Partner: The Fund for American Studies Element tested: Donation Page Copy

Because The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) had a number of different audiences arriving at their website, their primary donation page was written in a way to be applicable to as many as possible. We theorized that a clear articulation of the value proposition would improve donor response rate and/or revenue on the main donation page.

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65.1% lift How the cover image of an ebook increased results

Date Added: November 1, 2019 Research Partner: The Fund for American Studies Element tested: Advertising

The Fund for American Studies launched a new acquisition offer and after running it for a month and a half, the team needed to improve ad clickthrough rate and email signup rates to boost performance for the offer.

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