90.8% lift How simplifying petition language impacted revenue

Date Added: September 22, 2020 Research Partner: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Element tested: Donation Page Copy

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit citizen’s group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. 

As a part of their efforts to urge the Canadian federal government in their efforts to provide relief to Canadian citizens in response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), they put together an open letter campaign that allowed Canadian citizens to urge their lawmakers for fiscal responsibility in response to the pandemic.

The open letter was followed by an instant donation page which provided open letter signers to make a gift to help reach more people to sign the open letter.

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-65.7% drop How removing branding and social proof to simplify a petition impacted donor conversion rate

Date Added: September 22, 2020 Research Partner: Canadian Taxpayers Federation Element tested: Donation Page Design

As a part of optimizing petitions used for the acquisition of new activists and donors, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation looked to experiment with the branding, which also included a social proof element, from the petition signing page. How would this impact email signup rate, and downstream donor and revenue metrics?

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8.4% lift How excluding a brand name affects conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2020 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Advertising, Donation Page Copy

CaringBridge's Personal Home Pages had a high conversion rate but also a high refund rate. Their team had inserted "to CaringBridge" in both the value proposition and the button copy for this page, but hadn't tested it. They wanted to remove the brand name in a treatment and track refund rate to determine the immediate and downstream impact of including the brand name. 

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31.1% lift How bringing clarity to the donation form impacts donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2020 Research Partner: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Element tested: Donation Page Form

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association offers a free evangelism guide called Simply Sharing Jesus. After a person signs up for this offer, the confirmation page is a donation page where people can also become a donor, instantly. The instant donor conversion on this page was healthy, but we hypothesized that the donation form and process may be causing friction to the conversion process. We hypothesized that if we clearly communicated to people exactly what they needed to do by making steps within the form, that we might be able to increase donor conversion on the page. We split the traffic 50/50 to test this.

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-20.2% drop How removing a step in the donation pathway impacts donor conversion

Date Added: September 22, 2020 Research Partner: Live Action Element tested: Donation Page Form

After a prospective donor clicks the primary donation button on Live Action's website, they are taken to a page that communicates all of the different ways they can give. From there the prospective donor has to click on the giving widget at the top of the ways to give page to get to the actual donation page. We hypothesized that this additional step in the donation pathway was causing friction. To test this, we simply removed the in-between page and sent people directly to the donation page itself from the donation button in the primary navigation.

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6.2% lift How adding a lower option to a gift array affects conversion and revenue

Date Added: July 31, 2020 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Donation Page Form

CaringBridge had long held their gift array at $50 / $100 / $250 / Other. However, throughout their site, there were multiple mentions of a $30 gift handle, which powers a CaringBridge site for one month. They wanted to test the concept of adding this option to the site. They hypothesized that it would increase conversion, but decrease average gift. If that happened, and the variance between the two metrics was acceptable, then they would take more donors over a slight decrease in immediate revenue. 

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83.4% lift How personalizing a response on an instant donation page affects conversion

Date Added: July 31, 2020 Research Partner: Hoover Institution Element tested: Donation Page Headline

Hoover Institution was promoting a content offer that was given away for free in exchange for the user's name and email address. On the following page, the visitor was given the opportunity to make a gift. Since Hoover collected the first name of the user in the first step of the process, they wanted to test whether using that name to personalize the donation page affected results. They used dynamic keyword insertion, a feature of the landing page system, to insert the previously entered name into the first sentence on the page. Then, they launched a test to see how it affected results.

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-42.7% drop Impact of smart content on a Fiscal Year End Campaign Donation Page

Date Added: July 31, 2020 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Donation Page Form

After our last experiment testing the effectiveness of smart content on a campaign donation page (Experiment 30207), we decided to test this again during a fiscal year end campaign. We wanted to see if the greater motivation and urgency would make both pages return similar conversion rates.

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184.1% lift How adding an extra step in an acquisition funnel affected donor conversion

Date Added: July 30, 2020 Research Partner: Bill of Rights Institute Element tested: Donation Page Copy, Name Acquisition Copy, Name Acquisition Form

BRI was running an offer for a quiz about Natural Rights. They also were running an offer for an eBook about Natural Rights. So we combined the two into a treatment; when someone took the quiz they were then also offered the eBook. This did mean that we asked them to go through one more step and would potentially lose new names. However, we wanted to see if increasing the value of the offer through an eBook would increase donor conversion.

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-28.3% drop How a message box on the front end of a donation ask affects conversion

Date Added: June 22, 2020 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Donation Page Form

CaringBridge's tribute widget was one of the primary channels of donations on their site. Appearing at the bottom of every person's homepage and journal, the tribute widget made a donation ask, and then gave the user the option to enter a message of support to go along with their gift. The CaringBridge team had always wanted to know whether this was a "feature or a bug". Did the message box improve conversion by getting more people to start their gift by writing a message—or did the large box intimidate potential donors and turn them away? They decided to simply remove the box and see what happened. Without it, there was just a standalone donation ask with a button. They ran the treatment to just 20% of the audience to mitigate potential risk, since this got enough traffic to validate with a small window of time.

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