298.1% lift How focusing on a movement instead of the opposition affects donor conversion

Date Added: April 25, 2019 Research Partner: Leadership Institute Element tested: Advertising

Leadership Institute was running a campaign to start a conservative group on every college campus. They had an ad that focused on the opposition that young conservatives face on campus. However, they wondered if their audience was weary of seeing the opposition, and instead might be motivated by seeing students who were trying to make a difference. They created an ad that didn't start with a the opposition, but started with a problem that the donor could actually hope to solve. They used specific numbers to help quantify the goal, and then they used a picture of conservative students rather than opposition protest groups. They launched an A/B test to determine a winner.

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15.3% lift How a value-focused headline impacts email acquisition

Date Added: April 25, 2019 Research Partner: Buckner International Element tested: Name Acquisition Headline

Buckner International had launch their new devotional series titled Discovering God's Will for your Life. The initial landing page was created using the learnings from past experiments. However, after it was launched, we were looking at the page and realized that the headline may not position the offer in a way that emphasizes the value to the visitor. We decided to launch an experiment with a new headline that emphasized the value the reader receives instead the work they have to do.

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89.8% lift How adding an incentive to an instant donation page impacts conversion

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Donation Page Copy

Focus on the Family offers a free online video series for parents, specifically for mom's , on the topic of respecting your son. The video series is promoted through paid Facebook ads. Once a person signs up for the free video series they are presented with a confirmation page that is also a donation page. The original donation page had a healthy conversion rate, but we hypothesized we may be able to increase conversion by offering people an incentive if they made a donation. The incentive offer was a book that was written around the same topic as the content of the video series. We added an image of the book to the donation page and a line of copy that communicated they could get the book when they made a gift of $50 or more. The copy also communicated that the book was a great compliment to the content they were studying in the video series. 

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18.2% lift How strengthening the value proposition to the first step in the funnel impacts member conversion

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: Focus on the Family Element tested: Name Acquisition Headline, Name Acquisition Copy

In the Adventures in Odyssey Club membership process they ask people their age as the first part of their conversion funnel. The current copy on the Age Check page focuses on both the cost and potential monetary value the parent will receive. However, the monetary value emphasis changes the conversion from one that is focused on the benefits to the child to one that is more transactional.

It is our hypothesis that changing the copy on the Age Check page to reinforce the benefits to the child that come with membership, we can increase the number of parents taking the next step in the process.

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25.0% lift How “shared responsibility” affects clickthrough rate on a Facebook ad

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: Texas Public Policy Foundation Element tested: Advertising

Texas Public Policy Foundation was promoting a property tax survey, which was followed by a donation ask. The original version of the Facebook ad asked the reader to "join your fellow Texans" and take the survey. However, they wondered if this "shared responsibility" might actually be negatively affecting clickthrough rate. The reader might think that there are plenty of other people taking the survey, and not feel inclined to complete it personally. They removed that line and launched a test to see if they could improve response rate.

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92.4% lift How the image of a membership card increased donor conversion rates through email prospecting

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Email Design

As a part of the Membership Card campaign for The Heritage Foundation in 2019, we experimented with using an image of the membership card that was being offered (as a part of activating your membership) within the email prospecting channel. We wanted to see if the card would increase donor conversion rates.

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158.2% lift How the subject and quality of a photo affect clickthrough rate

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: CaringBridge Element tested: Advertising

CaringBridge was trying to drive traffic to a campaign landing page during a matching gift appeal. They had two photos for the same story and wanted to see which would drive a better clickthrough rate and more traffic. The first photo was a professional photo of a child who had beaten tremendous odds to survive a difficult birth. The second was a personally-taken photo of a mother holding the same child after giving birth. They launched a test in Facebook's Test and Learn tool to determine which photo attracted more clicks.

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1,046.1% lift How ad targeting in Facebook affects instant donor conversion

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: Buckner International Element tested: Advertising

Buckner was running a new offer called Discovering God's Will on Facebook using purchase optimization, and they wanted to test whether their traditional ad targeting methods were more effective than open targeting, which essentially tells Facebook to find purchasers from a much larger audience. The ads in both versions of the campaign were the exact same- the only change was in targeting method.

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Not Valid How increasing the size of the text on an offer landing page did not impact the email registration rate

Date Added: April 16, 2019 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Name Acquisition Design

When The Heritage Foundation launched a new offer, we were not achieving the email registration rate that we would normally see. So, in an attempt to boost the email registration rate, we launched a simple experiment to boost the size of the text across both desktop and mobile versions to see if readability was prohibiting us from achieving the results we wanted.

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