98.8% lift How layering two donation asks affects campaign revenue

Date Added: October 7, 2014 Research Partner: Heritage Action for AmericaThe Heritage Foundation Element tested:

The Heritage Foundation and its sister organization Heritage Action For America wanted to run a joint campaign to raise money for both organizations and highlight the individual strengths of each organization. This campaign concept mirrored a direct mail concept that included two separate reply envelopes, one for each organization. Since the organizations are independent from one another, they needed to have two donation forms. Initially, the campaign put both of these donation forms on the same page, right next to each other. We developed a treatment that layered these two asks, one after the other, with the ask for Heritage Action first.

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36.8% lift How employing active language affects clickthrough rate

Date Added: August 19, 2014 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Advertising

The Heritage Foundation has an annual fundraising campaign backed by a challenge grant from their board of Trustees. In 2014, Steve Forbes wrote an introductory paragraph on the landing page about why the board was matching gifts. Heritage wanted to tease the quote in the ad, but wanted to test the active language of Forbes "issuing a challenge" versus the more passive language of "announcing a challenge grant".

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46.3% lift How different button types in a giving array affect donation conversion

Date Added: November 6, 2013 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Donation Page Form

The Heritage Foundation utilizes a giving system that allows for the creation of a prepopulated gift array. We can make suggested gift options to the donors as a way to increase the average gift. Their giving system's default display for giving arrays utilize radio buttons.  This feature is helpful but the method of display can present a challenge for some visitors. It was our hypothesis that radio buttons might be difficult to click on a mobile phone and might not be as visible as other elements on the screen. We wanted to find keep the impact that suggested gift arrays provide while creating a better user experience for the donor. As are result, we created a new treatment in one of their fundraising campaigns that utilized colorful buttons in place of the radio buttons.

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60.5% lift How follow-up email appeals to direct mail appeals affect donor conversion

Date Added: January 18, 2006 Research Partner: The Heritage Foundation Element tested: Advertising, Engagement

The Heritage Foundation wanted to understand the potential impact of sending follow-up email appeals to donors on their file who received direct mail appeals. There were differing internal opinions about this—some thought that email appeals would cannibalize direct mail appeals, while others thought that it might enhance overall conversion rate.

They developed three unique segments and designed a testing protocol to understand conversion rate for each:

  1. Donors who would only receive direct mail appeals.
  2. Donors who would only receive the email followup appeals.
  3. Donors who would receive both direct mail appeals and email followup appeals.

They launched the appropriate communications to each segment and monitored response to understand how each strategy affected results.

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