39.2% lift How increasing landing page congruence affects cost per subscriber

Date Added: December 26, 2014 Research Partner: Hoover Institution Element tested: Name Acquisition Design

The Hoover Institution wanted to add new subscribers to its highly-regarded military history and foreign policy newsletter Strategika. Facebook ad targeting allowed them to find new subscribers by targeting these specific interests, but after a few weeks of the campaign, cost-per-subscriber was still higher than original projections. The landing page did a good job selling Strategika -- it constructed a strong value proposition, showed plenty of credibility, and made a clear call-to-action that highlighted all of the benefits of subscription. But we hypothesized we could increase the conversion rate on the landing page by making a single simple change -- making the landing page look more like the ad. The ad had a historic picture of American soldiers storming a beachhead in World War 2. We changed the landing page to have this same background, and shortened the copy to fit.

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