800.9% lift How an end-of-article call-to-action affects donor conversion rate

Date Added: May 11, 2018 Research Partner: EWTN Element tested: Advertising

The National Catholic Register receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each month who want to read news articles and other content to give a Catholic perspective on today's issues. Though the readers often told NCR that they valued the content, overall donor conversion had significant room for improvement. The only ways to donate were by clicking the donate button in the navigation, or by clicking banner ads that asked for donations throughout the site. They wondered if it would improve conversion to add a donation call-to-action at the end of the content, right as the reader finished the article. They understood that more donation asks throughout the site would most likely increase conversion, but wanted to understand the impact of these end-of-article CTAs. They split their site traffic using Google's Optimize tool and showed half of the visitors the end-of-article CTAs to understand the real impact of the additional asks.

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