242.8% lift How introducing a volunteer opportunity with a pledge impacted conversion

Date Added: August 8, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising

When we tested introducing our free online course, Pro-Life 101 with a pledge, we found it significantly increased conversion. More people were interested and ready to sign the pledge than were to say they wanted to take a free course. This increased traffic and gave a "micro yes" before they were introduced to the course on the signature confirmation page. We hypothesized that this would work for our Making Life Disciples initiative as well. We had been seeing costs continuing to rise in our Facebook ads inviting people to volunteer to bring MLD to their local church. We decided to test asking them to sign a pledge saying "churches should help parents choose life!" and then introduce them to the Making Life Disciples Program.

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39.3% lift How the position of an acquisition offer in an article page impacts conversion

Date Added: June 1, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising

Care Net learned through previous testing the kind of content that works best for an acquisition offer in the article pages of their blog. They learned that they can turn their blog traffic into names and potentially donors for their organization by offering people the opportunity to sign the Pro-Life 101 Pledge and start their online course. After learning this, they hypothesized that the placement of the offer in the article might impact conversion. To test this, they developed a treatment that placed the acquisition offer in the middle of the article instead of at the end of it.

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31.7% lift How using an inline form for a particular kind of offer on the homepage impacts name conversion.

Date Added: May 9, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising, Name Acquisition Form

On the Care Net homepage, they offer people the opportunity to sign a pro-life pledge. In a previous experiment where they offered people a free online course, we found that a button increases conversion over an inline form. As we thought through the kind of offer they were now giving people - a pledge to sign instead of an online course, we hypothesized that the button approach might not be the best method. To test this, we developed a treatment that added an inline form to the offer on the page. No other content or copy changed.

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75.2% lift How the kind of offer in a blog post impacts name conversion

Date Added: April 19, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising, Name Acquisition Headline, Name Acquisition Copy

Care Net gets significant traffic to their blog. At the end of their blog, they feature an opportunity for people to subscribe to the blog. We hypothesized that presenting a different offer might increase name conversion. We developed a treatment that offered people the chance to sign a pro-life pledge. The pledge then also offered the pro-life 101 online course after they signed up which has been performing really well for them. If we would be able to increase name acquisition with this offer, we would also increase donor conversion since the online course has one of the healthiest instant donor conversion rates.

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12.9% lift How shortening copy on mobile acquisition page impacts conversion

Date Added: March 27, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Name Acquisition Copy

Care Net offers a Pro-life Pledge in front of their online course. A significant amount of their traffic for this offer comes from mobile. Even though they were able to acquire names at a healthy cost, they hypothesized that they might be able to improve upon that cost by reducing the amount of copy on the mobile experience. They set up an experiment to only target mobile and removed course testimonials and any copy that was focused on anything but the value of the course.

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172.6% lift How adding a pledge to the front of an online course impacts conversion rate

Date Added: March 21, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Name Acquisition Design, Name Acquisition Copy, Name Acquisition Form

Care Net offers a free online course called, Pro-life 101. They have been testing and optimizing this campaign since it started last summer. Through this testing, they have been able to cut down the cost of acquiring a new course sign-up in half. Since then, they have done additional testing but have not been able to impact acquisition cost any more. We proposed a radical experiment for the course that would add a pro-life pledge to the beginning of the course in an effort to decrease the initial cost to get people to the course sign-up page. Once on the sign-up page, we also removed additional form fields that weren't needed and passed through a person's email address from the pledge page.

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296.4% lift How the deliver method for a content offer can significantly impact acquisition.

Date Added: February 27, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Email Call-to-Action

On the Care Net site, they offer a couple of content offers to people coming to their site. This is a great way to acquire emails using their site traffic. The offers are currently being delivered through exit-intent pop-ups. We hypothesized that we might be able to increase email conversion if we used a different delivery method. We proposed testing a slide-out feature on their site.

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194.8% lift How the kind of content offer delivery mechanism impacts conversion rate

Date Added: February 6, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Advertising

Care Net has a variety of content offers that they offer to people who come to their website. The offers were being delivered to people via an exit-intent pop-up on their site. This means that as a person would start to leave the page, a pop-up would appear on their screen with one of thecontent offers. We hypothesized that with the high volume of mobile traffic on their website, a different delivery mechanism might help increase name acquisition from their site since exit-intent pop-ups don't work or show up on mobile.

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-12.5% drop How a more Scripture-focused value proposition impact conversion.

Date Added: February 6, 2018 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Name Acquisition Headline, Name Acquisition Copy

During the Christmas season, Care Net offered an Advent offer that performed really well as an acquisition offer. This was attributed to offering people relevant content that faith-based. With this learning in mind, they launched a similar offer in preparation for Lent that was a Lenten devotional. Because they know that faith-based resources appeal to new names coming on file, they hypothesized emphasizing this aspect on the acquisition page might increase conversion.

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Not Valid How putting a countdown clock in the body copy of an email appeal impacts conversion

Date Added: December 31, 2017 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Email Design, Email Copy

During Care Net's year-end campaign, they wanted to see if they could increase motivation of their email file to click through to their donation page towards the end of the campaign by increasing urgency in the email appeal. To do this, they inserted an animated countdown clock in the body of their email copy and tested this against the control version that didn't have the clock. The clock counted down to the end of the year and informed the end reader that their time was running out to make their year-end donation. All other copy remained the same. They split their file in half and tested this approach

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