-82.6% drop How adding a premium to a donation page impacts donor conversion

Date Added: November 2, 2017 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Donation Page Copy

CareNet was offering the Pro-Life 101 course DVD set as a premium for a donation on the Pro-Life 101 online course page. They wanted to see if offering the tangible version of the course would increase the perceived value of the offer and increase donations.

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-36.9% drop How adding a phone number field to an acquisition form impacts conversion

Date Added: October 4, 2017 Research Partner: Care Net Element tested: Name Acquisition Form

Care Net offers an online course called, Pro-Life 101. When someone signs up for the course, the form has fields where they provide personal information. Getting a phone number from a new name is very valuable to the organization. They wanted to test if the conversion rate of the page would be impacted if they asked for a person's phone number.

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