It is time to put your optimization skills to the test! The details of a recent experiment are listed below. Select the treatment that you believe had the greatest impact.  Once you have selected your choice, we’ll let you know who actually won — how your peers fared in their guesses.

Without further adieu, it is time to guess which test won…

Experiment Background

Experiment ID: #7868
Partner: Heartlight Ministries

Heartlight Ministries was offering their Developing Rules and Consequences eBook to the housefile, and wanted to test the headline of the email to increase open rates. The original subject line talked more about the resource itself, while the treatment mentioned the topic of the offer instead of the “free resource.” The emails were identical otherwise.

Research Question

How does a value-focused headline affect clickthrough rate?

Which Treatment Won?

Use the buttons below each image to make your guess. You can click on each image to zoom in on the treatment details.