It is time to put your optimization skills to the test! The details of a recent experiment are listed below. Select the treatment that you believe had the greatest impact.  Once you have selected your choice, we’ll let you know who actually won — how your peers fared in their guesses.

Without further adieu, it is time to guess which test won…

Experiment Background

Experiment ID: #9031
Partner: Compassion International

Compassion International had heard that moving video as part of a homepage design increases engagement and hypothesized that it might help provide more of the “emotional heft” that could deliver more conversions as well. They developed a quick-loading motion video image that could load in place of the static image and launched an A/B test to see if it resulted in more child sponsorships—or how it affected metrics as a whole.

Research Question

How will moving video in a header affect conversion?

Which Treatment Won?

Use the buttons below each image to make your guess. You can click on each image to zoom in on the treatment details.