It is time to put your optimization skills to the test! The details of a recent experiment are listed below. Select the treatment that you believe had the greatest impact.  Once you have selected your choice, we’ll let you know who actually won — how your peers fared in their guesses.

Without further adieu, it is time to guess which test won…

Experiment Background

Experiment ID: #7403
Partner: Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary was running a campaign for North Texas Giving Day, a huge fundraising opportunity each year for North Texas nonprofits. As they planned for this campaign, they wanted to give their audience a way to remove themselves from further communication about North Texas Giving Day if they weren’t able to join this year. They wondered: If we allow individuals to ‘opt-out’ of a campaign, will the unsubscribe rate decrease? They created a treatment with one line of copy and a campaign ‘Opt-out’ link for viewers to click, and then they launched an A/B split test to find out.

Research Question

Will a ‘Campaign Opt-Out’ link Decrease Email Unsubscribe Rate?

Which Treatment Won?

Use the buttons below each image to make your guess. You can click on each image to zoom in on the treatment details.