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The 2019 Online Fundraising Benchmark Report: Exclusive Preview

Published by NextAfter

There are countless fundraising benchmark reports out there to give you seemingly endless amounts of data related to name acquisition, donor acquisition, email marketing, and revenue growth.

But most every report leaves you with questions including:

  • What online fundraising metrics are actually important for growth?
  • Which metrics should I try to improve first?
  • Are these results even relevant for my organization?

A fundraising benchmark with a new approach

This online fundraising benchmark takes a new approach. By limiting the focus to the 3 most critical online fundraising metrics – web traffic, donation conversion rate, and average gift size – you’ll see exactly how your organization stacks up when it comes to metrics that drive revenue.

You’ll also get to see the key differences between varying sizes and types of nonprofits, helping you see exactly how you compare to organizations similar to yours.

And most importantly, you’ll find practical, proven, and data-driven ideas to help you improve your results in each critical area of online fundraising.

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Get an Instant Report by Connecting to the Live Benchmark Tool

The Live Benchmark Tool will allow you to compare your live Google Analytics data to other organizations like yours so that you can get an up-to-date report on how your online fundraising is performing. Just connect your Google Analytics and you can see how you stack up during any time period, and also compare to organizations of similar traffic volume.

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Published by NextAfter