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Tim Kachuriak

I’m Tim Kachuriak, the founder and Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer for NextAfter. I’m also a keynote speaker on fundraising and nonprofit optimization, a serial philanthropist, and die-hard Steelers fan.

When I first graduated college, I couldn’t get a job. It was just after 9/11, and it was a near-impossible time to enter into the workforce.   

So, with the help of a mentor, I started my own ad agency. I built that business, sold it, and eventually got a job leading digital marketing at Coral Ridge Ministries in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Right after I came on board, the founder passed away and it turned the whole ministry on its head. I had to quickly figure out how to turn all this “cool digital stuff” in to something that actually raised money.   

During that time, I learned that fundraising wasn’t the “dark side” of a nonprofit organization that I thought it was – but it is actually something of incredible value. Fundraising isn’t about developing a silver-tongue to manipulate someone out of their money – it’s an opportunity to help someone discover how to be more generous and support  life-changing causes.   

I’ve been a fundraiser ever since, and I’ve always had this question looming in the back of my mind:   

“What if there was a way to decode what makes donors give, and help unleash greater generosity?”   

As it turns out, there is. The process is called optimization. And after running over 1000 fundraising experiments, I’ve learned a lot about what works to increase giving and fuel nonprofit growth.








Keynote Speaker, Online Fundraiser, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist


While there’s a lot that could be said about the ins and outs of growing an email file, acquiring new donors, crafting a value proposition, donation form design, etc – everything boils down to three key metrics:

Web Traffic – the amount of people coming to your website.   

Conversion Rate – the amount of your traffic that donates.   

Average Gift – how much your donors are giving.   

These three metrics are so important because they each have a direct influence on revenue. When one metric increases, even if the other two stay the same, revenue is going to increase. And if you can increase 2 (or all 3) of these metrics, your revenue will grow exponentially.   

But identifying the metrics is only a starting point. We need a methodology by which to grow each of those three components.   

That’s where optimization comes in. Online fundraising affords us the opportunity to test and prove (or disprove) our fundraising intuition at a much faster rate than traditional channels. While many organizations argue and bicker about what the right strategy is in a board room, we can have data-driven and statistically proven answers to our fundraising questions often in a matter of days.   

By continuously asking questions, testing, and learning – we can systematically grow our fundraising, our organizations, and our impact in order to increase generosity and achieve more good.

One of the most profound and defining moments of my life occurred in 1991 when I was awarded the ever-so-coveted prize of “Best Stage Presence” for the Pittsburgh Boys Choir.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that life changing, but I like to think that if there was a “Best Stage Presence” award at all the nonprofit conferences I’ve spoken at, I’d at least be in the running every time.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been to more nonprofit conferences and fundraising events than I can even begin to count. And if I’ve learned one thing from them all, it’s this: nonprofit speakers are super boring.

I like to think I bring a different sort of energy to the stage. And it’s not all just for the sake of putting on some big show…it’s because I’ve discovered something brand new to the nonprofit space that has the power to radically transform organizations.

In the talks that I develop, whether it’s a keynote or a workshop, you’ll see case studies and experiments from real nonprofits that reveal new and innovative learnings with the power to create lasting growth.

You’ll see me jump up and down as I get excited about how organizations are growing their impact every single day just by admitting that they don’t know all the answers, and testing their hypotheses.

I work hard to involve the audience in the case studies because I want each and every fundraiser listening to walk away feeling confident that they too can apply these learnings in their daily work.

 And if I’m really getting into it, you might even see me tear up as we imagine the enormous opportunity that’s being given to us if we can just learn to listen to our donors, and let the data tell us what works to grow our organizations.

Between speaking events, consulting with nonprofit partners, or heading to a miniature horse competition with my wife and kids – I’ve got a pretty busy calendar. But I would love  to make it out to your next event and share with you what I’ve been learning about fundraising and nonprofit growth.

You can get in touch with me by filling out the form below.
Just tell me who you are and a little about your event, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available as a keynote speaker for my upcoming conference?
As long as my calendar is free, I’d love to speak at your conference or event. My talks are prepared as 50-minute keynotes, but I can also do a 30-minute breakout session if need be.

Do you do any hands-on training and workshops?
I’ve done workshops and training sessions on donation page optimization, value proposition, donor acquisition, and more. Just let me know what you’re envisioning, and I’m sure we can work something out to meet your needs.

What about webinars, podcasts, and interviews? Do you do those?
Some say I’m a webinar ninja. And I love to talk, so podcasts and interviews are a perfect outlet for that. I’d be happy to arrange something. 

Did you really win “Best Stage Presence” in the Pittsburgh 
Boys Choir?
Yes. Yes, I really did.


DMA Nonprofit Federation 2017
4.85 out of 5

Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit
4.9 out of 5

"Absolutely the best presentation from the DMA and among the best I've seen."

"Jam packed with lots of practical ideas I can take home & test in my own programs."



"I absolutely loved the data based approach to looking
for strengths."

"[Tim's] approach to fundraising roadblocks are unlike others we’ve seen in the Development world".