Online Fundraising Certification Training

NextAfter Certification WorkshopsNextAfter has conducted over 1000 online fundraising experiments spanning +200 Million donor interactions with major nonprofit organizations. And along the way, we’ve been documenting everything we’ve learned about why people give and what works to grow your online fundraising. These in-person certification workshops will equip you with everything we’ve learned from our research, including practical application of tested and proven strategies.

During each workshop, you’ll learn the fundamental skills for growing your online fundraising program. You’ll get hands-on experience applying the lessons, and since the workshops are hosted at the NextAfter office, you’ll have access to the whole team to make sure your questions are answered. Each workshop attendee will receive:

Donation & Landing Page Workbook Photo

  • A workshop binder including notes, checklists, templates, tools, and more.
  • Hands-on coaching from seasoned online fundraisers and optimizers.
  • A NextAfter certification (after passing the exam) to show your online fundraising expertise.

Each workshop will culminate in a pass/fail exam to earn your certification. You can repeat the exams as many times as necessary, and we’ll happily coach and encourage you along the way until you’re certified. Below are the three types of certification workshops currently available.

Three Types of Online Fundraising Workshops

Email Fundraising OptimizationEmail Fundraising Optimization

Email fundraising is one of the core disciplines essential for any online fundraising program. It’s the most personal and direct channel we have to reach our donors and potential donors in mass. But many email campaigns seem to forget an underlying fundraising principle: people give to people.

This 6-session course will cover every aspect of an email fundraising campaign including sender names, subject lines, preview text, design, copywriting, calls-to-action, and landing pages. We’ll explore how to make each element of your campaign personal and believable, and lead to greater opens, clicks, donations, and revenue.

Content Focus: Email Appeal Design, Email Copy Writing, Email Campaign Donation Pages

Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors

Fundraising on Facebook has been an elusive challenge for many fundraisers. And while Facebook provides many built-in fundraising tools for its users, they don’t make it easy for organizations to reach new donors and scale their program.

This 12-session course will break down a proven and tested methodology to target likely donors on Facebook, capture their attention through advertising, and convert them into new donors. You’ll also learn how to optimize each element of your campaign, and report back to your boss about your impact and effectiveness.

Content Focus: New Email Acquisition, New Donor Acquisition, Facebook Advertising

Donation & Landing Page OptimizationDonation & Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the backbone of our online fundraising and digital marketing efforts. Every campaign should lead to a landing page where a visitor or donor can take a specific action. But in most cases, organizations have a lot more people clicking the little red ‘X’ than they do donating or signing up for an email list.

This 8-session course will walk you through the underlying principles that make landing pages effective. Then, you’ll take an in-depth look at how to craft the 4 essential types of landing pages and donation pages and implement them into your campaigns.

Content Focus: Email Acquisition Landing Pages, General Donation Pages, Campaign Donation Pages, Instant Donation Pages