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About NextAfter NextAfter is a fundraising research lab and consultancy NextAfter is an online fundraising research lab and consultancy that works alongside nonprofits to develop research as to why their donors give and put those learnings into practice to help them reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more dollars to fund their world-changing work.

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Get Certified in Online Fundraising Optimization Based on Tested and Proven Methodologies

Most online fundraising training available today is full of recycled “best practices”, and rarely backed up with any amount of data or evidence that can help you grow.

In order to see real online fundraising growth, you have to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t in order to optimize each of your fundraising channels.

This 7-session workshop will lay the groundwork for a sustainable online fundraising program using a combination of learnings from in-market research studies, as well as 1500+ online fundraising a/b tests and experiments.

During the workshop, you’ll learn proven methodologies to help your online fundraising program reach more people, acquire more donors, and generate more revenue to fund your world-changing cause.

Workshop sessions include:

  • The strategic force for inspiring giving
  • Email acquisition and email fundraising
  • Donation page essentials
  • A/B testing and optimization

Register for the Upcoming Workshop

Get a certification in Online Fundraising Optimization when you attend the upcoming workshop. Use the form below to register and reserve your spot.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be equipped to develop an online fundraising program that can effectively and efficiently bring in new revenue and increase your impact. You’ll also receive a training workbook with notes to take home, as well as a NextAfter certification seal after completing the exam.

Online Fundraising Optimization

Certification & Training Workshop

Join this one-day certification workshop to learn the foundational principles of online fundraising optimization. These aren’t just best practices – they’re tested and proven methodologies that can lead to real growth in your online fundraising efforts.

Date: August 15th, 2019

Time: 9am – 5pm EST

Location: Bloomerang Office
5724 Birtz Road 
Indianapolis, IN 46216

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After the workshop, you will..

  • Know the critical components of a highly-effective online fundraising program
  • Understand key principles to optimize email fundraising and donation pages 
  • Receive a NextAfter certification seal and 5 CFRE points

Previous workshop attendees have said they enjoyed...

"Interacting with NextAfter staff, including Jon, to answer personalized questions." 

"Having the chance to review our own emails...I went home the first day and re-wrote a stewardship email based on recommendations and it was a HUGE improvement!"

"Hearing from other nonprofits in attendance to understand their pain points and successes."