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Every fundraiser, nonprofit marketer, and so-called “digital expert” has their own opinion about what strategies will increase your donations and revenue. These “experts” often debate basic ideas like:

  • Should your emails have more copy   or less copy?
  • Should your landing page use more design or less design?
  • Should your page ask for an email or ask for a donation?
  • Should your donation page use video or no video?

This Month's Speaker

A/B Testing for Nonprofits

What fundraisers are saying about NextAfter webinars:

Courtney Gaines
Senior Director of Optimization

"I like that your content is extremely usable - and consists of things any organization can do (eg - small things that can make a difference)."   – Chris

"It was great! I have a lot of ideas for moving forward and your examples were real and backed with data. So helpful." – Amy

In this free webinar with Jon Powell on February 26th at 1pm central, you’ll learn the critical steps to setting up and running an A/B test in your online fundraising. You’ll find out:

  • What a/b tests are the most impactful
  • Where to a/b test first
  • How to ensure your a/b tests are valid and reliable

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Learn how to conduct an A/B test in your online fundraising when you reserve your spot for the free webinar on February 26th at 1pm central using the form below.

How to set-up and conduct a nonprofit a/b test that leads to more donations

Jon Powell
Senior Director of Research and Education

Relying on intuition – even the intuition of an experienced fundraiser – is barely any better than a 50/50 chance. Are you willing to leave something as critical as donations up to chance?

A/B testing your online fundraising strategies is the only way to know what actually works to improve donations.

But the biggest hurdle to running an a/b test is knowing how.