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Email Subject Lines

5 Ways to Get More Opens and Donations

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Courtney Gaines
Senior Director of Optimization

"I like that your content is extremely usable - and consists of things any organization can do (eg - small things that can make a difference)."   – Chris

"It was great! I have a lot of ideas for moving forward and your examples were real and backed with data. So helpful." – Amy

Jon Powell

Senior Director of Research and Education, NextAfter

The size and quality of your email file is the most significant factor in determining an organizations ability to raise money online. But even with a high-quality email file, you won’t see the results you want if you can’t get people to open your emails.

Most importantly, the methodology you’ll learn will help you write high-performing subject lines even if you’re not a clever wordsmith or an excellent copywriter.

In the free webinar on July 25th at 1pm central time, Jon Powell will walk you through everything he’s learned about how to get more opens that lead to donations including:

  • The significance of the email envelope
  • 2 approaches to writing a subject line
  • 5 key mental levers you can use to get more opens
  • A checklist to use every time you write a subject line

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So how do you get more opens that lead to donations?

While there are many factors that can influence your email open rate, one of the most significant elements is your subject line.