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Boost Your Giving Tuesday Revenue Using Content Marketing

What fundraisers are saying about NextAfter webinars:

Courtney Gaines
Senior Director of Optimization

"I like that your content is extremely usable - and consists of things any organization can do (eg - small things that can make a difference)."   – Chris

"It was great! I have a lot of ideas for moving forward and your examples were real and backed with data. So helpful." – Amy

Nathan Hill
Marketing Director, NextAfter

Free webinar outlining a proven Giving Tuesday strategy

GivingTuesday is one of the largest giving days of the year. And each year, more and more organizations are increasing their focus on this major giving day.

With so many organizations asking your donors for money at the same time, your message could easily get diluted, lost, or ignored if it looks and sounds like everyone else.

One proven way to help your organization stand out from the rest – and increase Giving Tuesday donations – is to use content marketing.

How do you use content marketing to increase revenue on Giving Tuesday?

In the free webinar on November 14th at 1pm central time, you’ll learn a proven content marketing strategy that you can use this Giving Tuesday in order to:

  • Grab the attention of more donors
  • Prime your donors for a donation ask
  • Make a donation ask that leads to greater revenue

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Learn how to use content marketing in your Giving Tuesday strategy to reach more donors and increase revenue. Reserve your spot for the free webinar using the form below.