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New Donor Welcome Series

What you'll get when you register for the free webinar

Courtney Gaines
Senior Director of Optimization

Access to the live webinar on August 25 @ 1pm central time

Opportunity to ask questions live during the webinar

Recording and slides emailed to you after the webinar

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Discover new ideas and insights to optimize your new donor welcome series when you reserve your spot for the free webinar using the form below.

Webinar presenters

"It was great! I have a lot of ideas for moving forward and your examples were real and backed with data. So helpful." – Amy

"You have by far the best webinars in the industry. As a 20 year veteran I don’t go to meetings or watch webinars – except yours."   – Mary Lee

Nathan Hill, Host 
VP of Marketing, NextAfter

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for two types of fundraisers.

If you’re a fundraising executive, you need to know what strategies are essential to hitting your most pressing goals including: donor acquisition, donor retention, donor reactivation, and overall revenue.

This webinar will show you how a/b testing can help your forge a path to learning exactly what strategies work to increase and improve your key performance metrics.

If you’re a fundraising practitioner or manager, you need to understand which tactics are going to help you write better email appeals, design more effective donation pages, communicate stronger reasons to give in your appeals and on your website.

This webinar will give you the tools to start learning how to systematically improve the fundraising communications that you work on every single day – and prove that you’re getting better results.

Donor retention is a major issue that has plagued nonprofits for at least a decade, hovering between 40-45%.

To combat poor donor retention, most fundraisers and nonprofits spend tremendous time, effort, and budget on new donor acquisitions.

You’ve heard the saying that “It’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one.” If this is true in the fundraising world, then something must be broken in our retention efforts.

Analyzing the New Donor Welcome Series

As a first step to understanding how to fix donor retention, we set out to understand exactly what a new donor experiences in the first 90-days after making their first donation.In partnership with American Philanthropic, we donated to 147 nonprofit organizations and analyzed the first 90-days of communication as both a new online donor as well as a new postal donor.


How 147 Nonprofits Welcome New Donors in the First 90 Days

In this free webinar, you’ll get a first look at exactly what we learned about the new donor experience including insights into:

  • How frequently are new donors communicated with?
  • What kind of content is being shared to onboard and cultivate new donors?
  • How often are new donors asked for 2nd donation in the first 90 days?