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Do you want help raising more money online?

Of course you do… who would ever say they have enough donors and dollars?   The real question is – "Should  you hire our team of online optimizers?"

YES – That’s right, we increased their online revenue by 334% in just 3 years!

“Working with NextAfter has resulted in rapid growth   for our online fundraising program. Their dedication to testing and optimization has delivered valuable insights into the hearts and minds of our donors. Partnering with NextAfter has helped us prioritize our online fundraising program. They have helped us skip years ahead of where we would have been on our own.”   - Director of Donor Management

In order to achieve those results, we focused on the few numbers that matter most and measured everything we did according to those numbers.

  • Meeting new like-minded people by generating online traffic.
  • Creating new opportunities to share our story by creating compelling content.
  • Asking people to join our cause by creatively asking for their email.
  • Asking people to support our cause by compelling them to action as one-time donors and recurring donors.

But you can't attack each key metric all at once.

You have to start by focusing on the weakest link.   How do you know where your weakest link is? You need a roadmap that will tell you.

The Online Fundraising Roadmap

With a roadmap you will know where to focus and what projects you need to fund in order to accomplish your short term and long term goals.

Here are the underlying results our client achieved by following the steps outlined in our roadmap.

  • 75.9% increase in website traffic
  • 1200% increase in donation conversion rate
  • 1773% increase in total donations
  • 335% increase in online revenue

As you can see, knowing where to focus your attention is really important. You may be throwing your money away thinking you need something when you don’t. But how do you know?

That’s why so many well-respected organizations work with us.

While our clients don’t allow us to “showcase” their stats publicly, we can share an aggregate view of our results over time.

The one thing that separates us from any other digital fundraising agency you’ve ever worked with is that we constantly obsess and test ways to create traffic and then turn that traffic into life-time donors. We do this by testing everything we do, from ad campaigns, to email list building, to recurring gifts and everything in between.

Over the years we’ve improved our client’s fundraising efforts over 70,000%!

The chart above is the net result of over 1,400 experiments spanning a combined sample of more than 225 million donor interactions. We’ve converted over 2.8 million people into names, donors, and dollars for our clients.  The best part is that all our clients participate and receive the benefit from every test we’ve ever done in our lab – what we learn works with one client and be tested with others.

How do I get started?

Fortunately, getting started is easy. Just tell us a little bit about yourself, and your organization using the form below. We'll take a quick  look at your website and reach out to you with more info shortly.

See how  NextAfter can help raise more money for your organization  by filling out the form below.

What does it look like to work with NextAfter?

Working with NextAfter is about generating financial results through strategy and testing – not wasting time guessing.

Just take a look at the 3-year revenue growth of one of our clients.

The fact is less than 5% of the organizations that want us to work for them are in a strong enough position for us to work together. That’s why we give away so much of our research and training for free. We want to help everyone, not just the 5%!

But when it comes to having our team of online optimizers working directly with your organization under a retainer,  you need to have enough of the right ingredients in place for us to do our job so that you can get a substantial return for your investment.

Simply stated, it’s got to be worth it for both of us.

So, rather than try to convince you to work with our fundraising team, I’d much rather save you time and tell you what those ingredients are that we would need to have in place.

It’s pretty simple. You need to either have:

  • A million dollars or more in online donations.
  • Something remarkable.

If you’re already doing over a million dollars in online revenue, we can optimize what you’re doing and help you grow things to the next level.

If you don’t already have that much online revenue coming in,  then you need to have something else remarkable that we can work with to help you get to $1 million and beyond.

How do you know if you have something remarkable?

If your cause or organization  has any of the qualities below, then it’s certainly worth having a deeper conversation.

  • High monthly unique traffic going to your website (10k+ monthly unique visitors)
  • Large email file (20k email addresses with names)
  • Leadership is heavily invested in growing mass market online fundraising
  • Very unique or mass marketable content (e.g., highly charged issue in the news with broad appeal)