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"How should our organization respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?"

This has been one of the most common questions being asked by Canadian charity fundraisers and marketers. But the truth is that no one truly knows what the "correct" response is.

The good news is that data can give us new fundraising and marketing insights to test during this time.

In the charts below, you'll find Canadian COVID-19 related email volume, online giving trends, and examples and resources to help you improve your fundraising.

Our hope is that you'll find it useful as you navigate these uncertain times.

- The Care2, CanadaHelps, Charity Village, and NextAfter Teams

Canadian Charity Fundraising Data to Help You Respond During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Canadian Charity Email Trends

Other Resources to Help Your Fundraising Efforts

Just because your communication and fundraising calendar may look different during this pandemic, that doesn't mean that prior research and learnings should get tossed out.

Below, you will find additional resources that can help you craft more human and empathetic fundraising communication – all based on testing, experimentation, and first-hand research.

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Now you can know what other Canadian charities are doing related to COVID-19.

Canadian Charity Email Examples Mentioning COVID-19 or Coronavirus

Sometimes seeing the communication from other organizations can inspire a new messaging idea to test with your own audience. Below, you can sort through various email examples from real Canadian charities that are addressing coronavirus in their communication.

COVID-19 Related Resources

Fundraising During COVID-19 Early Comments & Results [Download]

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The Giving Report 2020: Online Giving is on the Rise

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Charity Village COVID-19 Resources for the Nonprofit & Charitable Sector

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Charitable Giving in Canada with Marina Glogovac from CanadaHelps [Podcast]

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Going Deeper with Online Fundraising

The Giving Report 2020: Online Giving is on the Rise

Over two editions of The Giving Report, CanadaHelps has provided knowledge and insights to help Canadians understand the charitable sector and its impact on Canada. The 2020 report introduces our Online Giving Index (OGI), drawing on CanadaHelps’ unique volume and breadth of Canadian data about online charitable giving. The OGI reveals insights about the growth of online giving in Canada.

While troubling declines in giving continue and there remain concerning giving gaps, there are a number of positive trends found in this year’s report.

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Charity Village eLearning Courses

These courses offer practical, high-quality training in nonprofit fundamentals, all from the comfort of your own home. Choose from courses related to budgeting, governance, volunteer management, fundraising, and more!

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A Discussion About COVID-19 and Its Impact on Online Fundraising in Canada [Webinar]

"How should our organization respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?" It's one of the most common questions being asked by Canadian charity fundraisers and marketers. But the truth is that no one truly knows what the "correct" response is. 

The good news is that data can give us new fundraising and marketing insights to test during this time. In this special webinar recorded on May 28th you'll learn how the Canadian COVID-19 data collected so far can help you improve your fundraising. There was also plenty of time to answer questions from fundraising experts from NextAfter and Care2.

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Email Trends & Examples

How Is Online Giving Being Affected by COVID-19

Powered by CanadaHelps, the Online Giving Index (OGI) measures 36 months of growth in online giving. 

The OGI is calculated using the growth in online giving amounts in the 12 months, leading up to January 2017, as a baseline. A value of 100 signifies that that particular period grew at the same rate as the baseline of January 2017. An OGI above 100 means that this period grew at a higher rate than the base period of January 2017; any value below 100 means slower growth. This new index was developed as part of the CanadaHelps Giving Report 2020.

Average Gift Size

Some quick analysis on how average gift is changing over time.

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