Kevin Peters

Chief Technology Officer


Kevin serves as the chief digital strategist for many different nonprofit organizations served by NextAfter. He helps them to raise more money and acquire more donors through testing and optimization.

Using his background in data science and digital marketing, Kevin works with NextAfter clients to create long-term fundraising strategies based upon historical data trends and through the continuous optimization that comes from rigorous testing.

As Chief Technology Officer, he is also spearheading the efforts to improve NextAfter’s data and technology capabilities. This takes many forms:

  • The creation of custom software that makes A/B testing easier and more efficient (
  • The implementation of advanced data tracking and modeling across multiple channels
  • The development of a data warehouse and custom reporting dashboards to offer deeper donor insights

With all of these initiatives, the goal is to help nonprofits be more efficient and more successful using the best software and techniques developed in the for-profit industry.

Prior to joining NextAfter, Kevin served in a variety of capacities ranging from digital strategy, web development, and data analytics. This included the management of a team of web developers and data analysts as well as overseeing the strategic fundraising programs of nonprofit organizations such as Washington National Cathedral, the Chronic Disease Fund, and Buckner International.

He has his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and has a masters degree in Education, both from Texas A&M University.  Kevin, his wife, and two children reside in Frisco, TX.