Acquiring new donors

Your customized strategic plan may include many different initiatives. But one of the most common areas of need is acquiring new donors.

As digital natives, we focus first on acquiring high-value donors using online channels.

While there are myriad ways of acquiring donors online, we’ve tested and proven an online donor acquisition model that relies on a fundamental understanding about online human behavior: people go online to get, not to give.

By understanding this, we can craft specific content marketing strategies that provide value to your potential donors first and then woo them into generously investing in your organization and cause.

To acquire new, high-value, online donors for your organization, we may recommend tactics and tools such as:

  • Email offer development for new email acquisition
  • Facebook advertising to reach prospective ideal donors
  • Instant donation page implementation to instantly convert new donors
  • Email prospecting to help you reach more people like your donors
Scott Brown: Vice President of Mission Advancement at EWTN

We knew digital was an untapped opportunity, but we had no idea it would get this big this fast. We now have the leverage to invest a LOT more in digital.

Optimizing traffic, donations, and average gift

While there are countless metrics at your disposal to analyze your online fundraising, we’ve identified 3 simple metrics that directly influence revenue:

  • Web Traffic
  • Donation Conversion Rate
  • Average Gift Size

If you can improve one of these metrics while the others maintain, your revenue increases. And if you can increase each of these metrics, your revenue can increase exponentially.

During an ongoing engagement with NextAfter, we’ll track these key metrics for you and implement your customized experimentation plan to systematically improve each of these metrics – and lead to more online fundraising revenue.

Cultivating, upgrading, and retaining donors

Having been in the nonprofit fundraising space for a long time, we understand the need for a long-term and sustainable program.

upgraded donors icon

Quick hacks to get a few new donors and instant revenue can boost your bottom line temporarily – but sustainable growth requires you to optimize donor cultivation efforts and donor retention.

Our Interactive Data Insights tools allow you to see exactly how campaigns and initiatives are impacting long-term metrics, including:

  • Lifetime value
  • Donor retention
  • Lapsed donors
  • Donor re-activation
  • And more.

Our data insights will let you look across channels to see how your online and offline efforts are working together to grow your overall fundraising program.

From these insights, we will generate new ideas and initiatives to help you better cultivate donors, upgrade one-time donations to recurring donors, reactivate and retain donors, and boost lifetime value.