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Investing in New Donor Acquisition and Cultivation Leads to Breakthrough Growth

Published by Yanni Saratsis


Increase in digital revenue


Increase in total digital donors


Increase in broad base digital donors

Our Role: Campaign Strategy, Campaign Management, Data Analysis


This organization had pulled back on donor acquisition over the past couple of years, combined with single-channel stewardship strategies, leading into an ongoing 5-year drop in donor count and revenue across all channels.


This organization invested in a digital-first approach to new donor acquisition and stewardship/cultivation.

We leveraged digital content offers through acquisition channels, as well as launched pledges to make the main issue this organization was working on more prominent. 

This, coupled with intentional asks during acquisition funnels, stewardship of donors through automated drip campaigns, and a change in a more humanized approach to high urgency campaigns, helped create breakthrough growth.


The number of digital gifts and revenue growth year-over-year has been record-breaking for this organization.

When reviewing their data, digital is the only channel that is bringing in new donors, and is helping to counteract the decline in donors and revenue from more traditional channels like direct mail.

Digital Program Revenue Growth

Growth in Active Digital Donors

Revenue Growth from New Donors

Overall Active Donor Growth

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Published by Yanni Saratsis