We’re on a mission to help nonprofits raise up the most generous generation in human history by optimizing their fundraising practices. That’s why we’ve made all of these optimization resources free for you. We hope each one can help you learn, optimize, and increase your fundraising results.

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Research Studies

We conduct forensic research that studies the nonprofit industry as a whole. Through these studies, you can learn what top nonprofits get right — and what they are missing.

The Mid-Level Donor Crisis

After making $1000 to $5000 donations to 37 organizations, and monitoring their communication for 90 days, we made a startling discovery: many nonprofit organizations are forgetting about their mid-level donors and failing to communicate effectively.

In this research study, you’ll find the results of our mid-level donor research as well as 5 case studies demonstrating how a more empathetic and personal communication approach can lift your fundraising performance with this vital donor segment.


6 Ways to Grow Your Email File

Time and time again, email revenue proves to be the most significant source of online revenue for nonprofit organizations. And the primary factor influencing your email revenue is the size of your email file.

In this free eBook, you’ll find six strategies that you can test in your email acquisition efforts to grow your email file and raise more money online.


Why Should I Give to You?

This ground-breaking study of over 127 of the largest nonprofit organizations will help you understand the need to communicate your value proposition effectively, and equip you to answer the fundamental value proposition question:

Why should I give to you, rather than some other organization, or not at all?


Turning Likes Into Donors: The Definitive Guide to Facebook Advertising for Nonprofits

At NextAfter, we’ve been perfecting a model that will help you turn Facebook into your best source of new email addresses, donors, and dollars. This eBook clearly unpacks the model and gives you everything you need to start your first donor campaign today. You can get your copy for free today.


Online Fundraising Scorecard

We donated to 151 top nonprofits, documenting the entire giving process and follow-up communications. In this study, you’ll find out what they do right — and what they completely miss. If you want actionable insights to grow your online fundraising, get this now.


Cut Through the Clutter with Your Year End Fundraising

Want to make your year-end fundraising campaign stand out? We captured and analyzed 17,263 year-end fundraising emails from more than 150 charities. This study will help you cut through the clutter and increase your year-end campaign results.


Online Tools

We’ve developed these free tools to help you assess and optimize your online fundraising results.

UTM Maker

The most important part of testing and optimization is learning why your treatment impacted your result. In order to be confident in your learning, you have to have reliable data.

UTM Maker is a free tool that will ensure your campaigns are properly tracked in Google Analytics – giving you clean, accurate, and reliable data to help you determine what works to improve your marketing and fundraising.


Facebook Advertising Analysis Worksheet

If you have ever been curious about the best way to judge the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaign, this spreadsheet will do that work for you. By plugging in a few easy-to-find metrics, it will determine your best performing audiences to allow you to get the most bang for your advertising dollars.


The Optimization Edge

The NextAfter Optimization Edge research update that puts the best of our research from the past month straight into your inbox. Each month you’ll receive a highly curated selection of experiments, case studies, and resources derived from latest Lab data. The Optimization Edge is designed to be your unfair advantage – insights from data you can’t get anywhere else.


This vs. That Challenge

Each week, we highlight a new experiment from the Nonprofit Research Library. We’ll give you some background and show you the treatments side by side.  You job is to select which treatment that you believe had the greatest impact.  Once you have selected your choice, we’ll let you know who actually won and how your peers fared in their guesses. You will also be able to sign up to receive these challenges in your inbox each week!


7 Elements of an Effective Donation Page

Increasing the conversion rates on your donation pages doesn’t always require new technology– usually, it just takes one really good hypothesis and a way to test it. Every day we we test dozens of different donation pages so we can identify what truly works in online fundraising. Based on the learnings from hundreds of experiments, we have identified seven key areas that should be tested on your web site.


Experiment Validator

How do you know if your A/B test results are valid? This free tool uses best-in-class standards to determine whether your results are real and repeatable or need more time and traffic.


Friction Self Assessment

Did you know that a single text field or the text on your submit button can be significantly impacting your online revenue? Take this free Friction self-assessment to find out you can reduce friction in your giving process.


Flux Capacitor of Online Revenue Maximization (FCORM)

Curious to see how your organization’s online fundraising stacks up against other nonprofits? With just three pieces of data, this report will generate a detailed analysis of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses with opportunities to instantly increase your online revenue. 



We’ve archived all of our online broadcasts for you to view anytime. Select a video below to watch it instantly.

The Anatomy of an Effective Email Appeal

For the vast majority of organizations, email is the number one driver of online fundraising revenue.  This is because email is one of few channels where our donors and potential donors have opted in and said “I want to hear from you.” But as you’re well aware, the average email inbox is full of more […]

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Essential Fundraising Lessons We Learned Through Failure

Many fundraising consultants and agencies will tell you that they have all the answers to grow your donor file, and lift your online fundraising revenue. But the reality is that the only fundraising experts are our donors. And often times, some of the most powerful and essential learnings about our donors come from testing an […]

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Fundraising With Purpose

Nonprofit marketers and fundraisers often start out with a zeal and passion for the cause and purpose of their organization, but quickly get bogged down  behind numbers, spreadsheets, systems and tools. When we get trapped in these daily routines, the purpose and authenticity behind our work tends to slip away. And to no surprise, this […]

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What Works in Online Fundraising

What We Learned From Over 600 Online Fundraising Experiments If there’s one overarching lesson we’ve learned from conducting over 600 online fundraising experiments with top nonprofit organizations, it’s that “best practices” are rarely the best performing, and they often suppress the potential of an organization’s online fundraising. In the video lesson below, you’ll discover our […]

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Cracking the Code of Facebook Fundraising

One of the most elusive challenges that nonprofit fundraisers face is how to effectively acquire new donors online. The good news is  that the answer to this  problem is a tool you probably  use already: Facebook.  Think about it – Facebook has more data on what people value than any other tool or database. The […]

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The Midlevel Donor Crisis

At the end of 2015, we had a hypothesis that most midlevel donors were getting lost in a communication “black hole.” To see if this was true, we made $1000 donations to 37 different organizations – monitoring and recording the communication sent to our mailbox, email and phone for the next 90 days. After the […]

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Year-End Live Optimization

During the week after Christmas, most nonprofits will bring in over 55% of their year-end revenue. With stakes that high, you can’t afford to make gut decisions about what works to acquire more donations. The only way to know what works is to test it. In this special live broadcast, Tim Kachuriak, Jeff Giddens, and Brady […]

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Grow Your Donations Without Spending a Dime

How to get $10,000 in free advertising from a Google Grant and use it to acquire new donors One of the hardest fundraising challenges for any organization is acquiring more high quality traffic that will convert to new donors. And most solutions to this problem cost  an arm and a leg. What if there was […]

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The Spark Line of a Donation

When it comes to understanding donor motivation, many marketers treat it just as they would any sort of eCommerce transaction. You choose the product you want, fill out your credit card info and shipping address, and submit your transaction. After the transaction is made, you wait anxiously for a package to show up at your […]

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6 Steps to Launching Effective Tests on Your Website

Learn how to set up and accurately measure tests on your landing and donation pages through this live broadcast There are 2 critical components of effective optimization: knowing what to test, and knowing how to test it. If you don’t know how to run an effective test, you may end up questioning your results, or […]

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7 Ways That Empathy Can Grow Your Donor File

Build stronger donor relationships and acquire more donors than ever before through this live broadcast Today’s fundraising environment is a paradox. Online marketing gives us more opportunities than ever to reach new donors; yet actually growing your donor file is more difficult than ever before. Traditional online marketing tactics don’t lend themselves well to actual […]

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6 Proven Strategies to Optimize Your Email Appeals

Most email marketing tools sell their product by making it easier to send more pretty emails, to more people, in less time. This comes with the implication that your emails will magically generate more revenue. But we’ve discovered through hundreds of email tests that the key to getting more opens, clicks, and conversions isn’t an […]

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People Give to People – Humanizing Your Online Fundraising

Our most recent research has uncovered some small tweaks you can make to your email fundraising appeals to radically increase donor response. This research centers around one key principle: people give to people, not organizations or email appeals. In this broadcast, we’ll show you how: One ministry increased email appeal revenue by 304% A public […]

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Donation Page Optimization for Nonprofits

Most nonprofits have a donation page somewhere on their website. And while many nonprofits see a steady stream of gifts come through that form, very few realize that less than 50% of the traffic that visits their donation page actually makes a gift. Why? Because in many cases, the form is not optimized. In fact, unless it […]

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Why Should I Give to You? The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index

Late last year, our team at NextAfter started a secret research study to anonymously ask 120 top nonprofits one simple question: Why should I give to your organization, instead of some other nonprofit, or not at all? The answer to that simple question forms the core of your nonprofit’s value proposition, which our research has shown to be […]

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How to Optimize Email Acquisition and Grow Your Email File

The greatest success factor for growing your online fundraising program is the size of your email file. On this live broadcast, we’ll show you real experiments that discover what works in email acquisition so you can grow your file — and your fundraising results.

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Turning Facebook Likes Into Donors (and Dollars)

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and nonprofits are obsessed with it. Tremendous effort is put into building a following, but we are constantly asked: “How do I get donors from this?” In this live broadcast, Jeff Giddens shares a model that we’ve discovered and tested to turn Facebook into one of your best […]

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Exploring Donor Motivation

Through applied research, we’ve discovered that several factors influence the decision to give a gift: value proposition, friction, anxiety, incentive, the offer. But one factor influences the decision to give more than any other–and it’s the most difficult to understand and affect: Donor Motivation. In this recording, we reveal optimization experiments that will help you better […]

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Exploring the power of the value proposition

In a recent live broadcast, we spent time unpacking the findings from six recent case studies centered around the power of the value proposition. We’ve uploaded a recording of the broadcast below. In it, you will learn: How Hillsdale College increased donor conversion rate by 33% by reducing friction and increasing the power of the value proposition […]

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Optimizing Landing Pages: A Systematic Approach

We hosted a live broadcast to highlight two key areas to optimize your landing pages. Then, we tried something new — Live Optimization. A few brave partners submitted their landing pages to be optimized by our team in front of a live audience.

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Identifying and eliminating friction on your landing pages

On this broadcast, we discuss how friction might be turning your online donors away. Then, we optimize some landing pages in real time to illustrate how you can reduce friction and increase conversion.

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Unpacking the Online Fundraising Scorecard

In this webinar, Brad Davies and Tim Kachuriak reveal what we learned when we reviewed the online fundraising practices of more than 150 national nonprofits and charities. We’ll unpack what they do right — and what you can learn from their mistakes.

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