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Giving Smarter with Larry Lieberman from Charity Navigator – The Generosity Freakshow

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How can you be a smarter giver? Which data can you trust? What does the next generation’s giving habits look like? All questions covered in this episode with Larry Lieberman, COO at Charity Navigator — the nation’s largest and most-utilized charity evaluator.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why is it so hard to measure impact and what is Charity Navigator doing in this area?
  • What does the future of giving look like and what role will data play in charity evaluation?
  • What are some key elements the ‘next generation’ is looking at when considering supporting a nonprofit?
  • How, and where, can we teach giving better and to the younger generation?

You can learn more about Charity Navigator here and find Larry’s personal website here.

Giving Smarter with Larry Lieberman from Charity Navigator

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Published by NextAfter