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Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization SummitNonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the premier conference for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers looking to grow their online fundraising. And you can watch every session from the 2018 summit for free including sessions on copywriting, data, analytics, story-telling, recurring giving, and more.

The Latest Online Fundraising Learnings

What You Can Learn About Recurring Giving from 115 Nonprofits

We tracked online and offline recurring giving communications from 115 nonprofits for 90 days. Here’s what we learned and discovered along the way about what works, what doesn’t, and what new recurring giving ideas we should be testing.

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How does nonprofit culture effect online fundraising?

A nonprofit’s culture can often be the biggest factors in determining the success of an online fundraising program. These 4 factors can help you develop a culture of optimization that leads to online fundraising success.

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Cut Through the Clutter with Your Year-End Fundraising - 2018 Edition

It’s easy to get caught in a rut, running the same same year-end fundraising campaign year after year. But an analysis of over 6000 year-end fundraising emails from 2017 – plus a study of our library of online fundraising experiments – has revealed 12 unique ideas you can test in your year-end fundraising to grow your revenue.

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6 Nonprofit Email Marketing Hacks to Make Your Emails More Effective

A new benchmark report from Litmus shows that nonprofits tend to lag behind other industries when it comes to email marketing success.

These 6 nonprofit email marketing hacks will help you to overcome resourcing constraints, cut through red-tape, and get more done to improve your email marketing and fundraising.

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The Generosity Freakshow Podcast Now Available

The brand new podcast from NextAfter takes a 360 degree look at philanthropy and the freaks obsessed with optimizing it.

Listen each week to hear fundraisers, donors, industry leaders, tech gurus, and more discuss how we can increase generosity and giving through innovation.

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Webinars, Training, and Video Resources

Year-End Fundraising 101 for Online Fundraisers

In this live webinar with Jon Powell, you’ll learn new tactics and strategies based on research, data, and years of running campaigns with top nonprofits that will help you reach more donors and drive more revenue this year-end.

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Email Fundraising Certification Workshop

Come down to the NextAfter office for a full day of hands-on, research-driven training. These 3 certification workshops will give you the skills you need to acquire new donors, drive revenue using email marketing, and craft donation and landing pages that deliver more conversions and better results.

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Cracking the Code of Facebook Fundraising

In this webinar, you’ll learn a tested and proven methodology to target likely donors on Facebook, capture their attention, convert them into new donors, and cultivate them for the future.

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The Nonprofit Recurring Giving Benchmark Study

Recurring donors are up to 4x more valuable than your average one-time donor. And after making recurring donations to 115 organizations, we’ve uncovered several key areas that can help you grow your number of recurring donors and increase your revenue.

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The Canadian Online Fundraising Scorecard

Discover what we learned by signing up for the email lists of 152 Canadian charities, donating when asked, and documenting the whole process.

In this free webinar, you’ll find new ideas to test in your own online fundraising by seeing what other major nonprofits and charities are doing to raise more money online.

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Drawing from a research library of over 1000 online fundraising experiments, the Weekly Fundraising Optimization Update will ensure that you’re the first to know about the latest innovative fundraising optimization strategies and tactics.

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