What makes donors give?

We're obsessed with answering that question.

That's why we help nonprofit organizations turn the web into a living laboratory to find the answers — and acquire more emails and convert more donors than they ever thought possible.

Conducting Nonprofit Research

Forensic Research

We conduct forensic research on the largest nonprofit organizations in the world to understand how they attract, inspire and cultivate relationships with donors online. Check out some of our recent studies:

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Library of Experiments

Every week, we publish new experiments to our Research Library. These experiments provide valuable insights as you optimize your own online fundraising.

Research Library

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Turning Research into Results

How focusing on the benefits of the offer impacted email acquisition
How additional value proposition copy in a Facebook ad affects conversion despite added friction
How a radical redesign of an email appeal and donation page affected donor conversion rate
How site flow interruptor offers affect conversion on mobile devices
How an open field on a donation form affects donor conversion rate
How the placement of an inline offer impacts conversion
How clarity in the call-to-action increases conversion rate
How content offer illustrations impact email acquisition rate in a Facebook Ad
How the addition of value proposition impacts donor conversion
How image clarity and ask intensity affected conversions on a Facebook ad
How removing the recommended donation amount increased the perceived value of an offer
How increasing the relevancy of the cause to the reader affected donor conversion
How a simpler, more direct value proposition affects clickthrough rate on a Facebook ad
How emotive headline copy affects email acquisition rate
How we evaluated the potential for email versus donor acquisition
How the value proposition of an ad impacted the motivation of donor traffic
How different imagery affects the conversion rate from a Facebook ad
How clarifying the value proposition through inductive copy affects donor conversion
How including an image in a personal email affects donor conversion
How the style of ask impacts donor acquisition from rented email lists
How the delivery of the offer can impact email acquisition
How direct donation asks in an email impact performance
How a different title affects webinar registrations
How ad copy can affect visitor motivation in a Facebook ad
How copy length affects the value proposition of a Facebook ad
How the length of the value proposition copy on an ad impacts email acquisition

Consulting with Innovative Nonprofits

  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • CaringBridge
  • DTS
  • Harvest Ministries
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • Hillsdale College
  • Hoover Institution
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Buckner International

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The NextAfter team has been an incredible partnership for us. On a personal level, they bring a great balance of character, chemistry, and competency to our team. We trust them and love working with them. From a business perspective, they are all about optimization and achieving results. They do what they say they are going to do. What more could you ask for in a partnership?
Matt Schlientz

Matt Schlientz

Vice President for Marketing

Hillsdale College

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