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Online Year-End Fundraising Resources for You

Get Proven Strategies and Tactics to Grow You Year-End Fundraising

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All our best year-end fundraising resources have been gathered in one place for you to access anytime you need them. Learn from the latest year-end research, free year-end training webinars, blogs with tips to improve your year-end email campaigns and more.

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The Latest Online Fundraising Learnings

The State of Nonprofit Email Cultivation [Research Study]

In this free report, you’ll see how your email cultivation strategies for both new subscribers and new donors compare to those of 199 other organizations. Plus, you’ll find data-driven tips to improve your cultivation strategies.

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The State of Nonprofit Donation Pages

In this free research report, you’ll see the latest trends in donation page design, compare your giving experience to 203 other organizations, and find proven tips and strategies to increase donations on your page.

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3 Lessons from Analyzing the Key Metrics of 155 Nonprofits

There are 3 metrics that define online fundraising success: web traffic, donation conversion rate, and average gift size. 155 organizations sent in their 3 key metrics to help give us a glimpse at how nonprofits are performing in these key areas of online fundraising.

Here are 3 lessons learned from analyzing those 3 key metrics of 155 nonprofit organizations. »

Maximizing Happiness with Michael Norton from Harvard Business School and Co-Author of Happy Money – The Generosity Freakshow Podcast

Recently on The Generosity Freakshow, we were joined by Michael Norton. Michael is a professor at Harvard University and co-author of ‘Happy Money’ and joined the pod to discuss things like how to use money to maximize happiness and what role charitable giving plays. Here’s the episode.

Join us as we talk to Michael Norton, Harvard Professor and co-author of 'Happy Money' »

A/B Testing Guide for Non-Profits

A/B testing is something that not a lot of nonprofits are doing well – but those that are running a/b tests are seeing major lifts in donations and revenue. So how exactly do you start setting up and running a/b tests at your nonprofit that lead to major lifts? I’m going to show you how in the A/B testing guide for nonprofits. In the 8 steps below, you’ll learn exactly how to find where to test, what to test, and how to test. But before we get there, let’s look at why you need to be testing.

Take a look at the significance of A/B testing

Webinars, Training, and Video Resources

Get certified in key online fundraising areas

Online fundraising & digital marketing certification courses from NextAfter Institute will equip you with essential skills, proven strategies, and data-driven principles that will help you grow donations and online revenue.

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8 Year-End Fundraising Emails You Need to Send This Year

Over the past several years, we’ve tested many new email fundraising tactics during the year-end season and uncovered 8 essential fundraising emails that you need to be sending this year-end.

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Email Subject Lines: 5 Ways to Get More Opens and Donations

In the free webinar Jon Powell walks you through everything he’s learned about how to get more opens that lead to donations including:

The significance of the email envelope, 2 approaches to writing a subject line, 5 key mental levers you can use to get more opens, and a checklist to use every time you write a subject line.

Email Subject Lines: 5 Ways to Get More Opens and Donations

Donor Acquisition Using Content Marketing

This free on-demand webinar will help you get new high-value donors online. The content marketing strategies taught in the webinar will grab the attention of likely donors, get new subscribers to your email list, and convert new subscribers into instant donors.

Watch the webinar on donor acquisition using content marketing »

Weekly Fundraising Optimization Update

Drawing from a research library of 1,694 online fundraising experiments, the Weekly Fundraising Optimization Update will ensure that you’re the first to know about the latest innovative fundraising optimization strategies and tactics. When you subscribe, you’ll receive:

  1. Updates from the NextAfter team on the latest strategies in nonprofit fundraising optimization.
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