Researching the latest fundraising strategies

One key area that makes working with NextAfter different from a typical nonprofit agency is that we’re constantly conducting first-hand research to discover the best new ideas for growing online fundraising programs.

Through the NextAfter Institute, we conduct mystery-donor studies to analyze what nonprofits are doing today to raise money online.

To date, we’ve analyzed the online fundraising trends and giving experience for 1000+ organizations across 9 countries.

This research emphasis uncovers new creative strategies and ideas that we bring back to you to test and see if it can boost online giving for your organization.

Cara Williams: Director of Annual Giving at WE Charity

I discovered important take-aways, that even after 10 years of experience in the field, made me re-consider some of my own assumptions.

Testing new ideas through experimentation

No online fundraising program is complete without an intentional focus and devotion to optimization and experimentation.

Optimization, a/b testing, and experimentation allows you to understand exactly what works to increase giving. And it also allows you to test new and creative fundraising ideas – all while mitigating risk until you know for certain that your idea will lead to positive results.

Cumulative Impact of Experimentation chart

However, running effective and valid experiments can be challenging. To get accurate learnings from your experiment, you need to:

  • Generating meaningful hypotheses
  • Project and measure sample sizes
  • Statistically validating your results
  • Account for validity threats
  • And more.

As part of any engagement with NextAfter, we will use our expertise in experimentation and optimization to handle all of these challenges for you, empower you to become an expert optimizer and deliver new, revenue-generating learnings about your donors.

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