Careers and Job Openings

4 Questions to Answer Before Applying


Are you an expert online fundraiser?

If your first response was “Yes!” then you’ll probably find yourself frustrated at NextAfter.

Neither you nor anyone on the NextAfter team has all the answers. In fact, the only true fundraising “experts” are donors.

We must use data, testing, and optimization to listen to them and learn what really works to grow online revenue.


Does the idea of managing teams excite you?

Well…everyone on the NextAfter team is a doer.

Some roles focus more on execution, and some focus more on strategy and direction.

But everyone must be able to do the day-to-day work that leads to real online fundraising growth.


Would you like to eat lunch for free every day?

It’s ok to say “yes” to this question.

Because each day you’re in the office, we bring in lunch for the team.

It’s a way to make sure we take a mental break, but most importantly, it helps you stay connected to a team that moves at an incredibly fast pace in order to achieve results.


Would you describe yourself as a generous person?

If there’s one all-encompassing value at NextAfter, it’s this: “Err on the side of generosity.”

Generosity is our cause, and it informs even the most basic business decisions.

If you consider generosity as a defining trait, keep reading.

Wondering where you might fit on the team?

If you answered the 4 questions above and think you’re a good fit, take a look at our open job positions. See which positions might be a good fit for your skillset and apply by sending a resume and cover letter to Julie Connor (