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Multichannel High-Urgency Campaign Leads to Uptick in Donor Activation

Published by Riley Young


Increase in new donors


Increase in retained donors


Increase in lapsed reactivated

Our Role: Campaign Strategy, Data Analysis, Paid Media


This organization has seen a steady decline in donor activation and ultimately revenue year over year, particularly among the retained donor segment and lapsed reactivation segment. They have started investing in the acquisition of new names and donors but were struggling to see the continued activation and retention of their existing donor pool.


NextAfter suggested implementing a high-urgency campaign during the last couple of months of the organization’s fiscal year end. Using the end of the organization’s fiscal year, we were able to create urgency with a natural deadline and combine it with an initiative within the organization that had an urgent need.

With the input from their team, we created a framework for a campaign that would incorporate cultivation, direct asks via email, and remarketing ads through Meta. This coordinated strategy included 7 appeal emails that were disbursed throughout the 8 weeks of the campaign, remarketing ads on Meta, and regular email cultivation.

The appeal emails took different angles to introduce different aspects of the need, including introducing the need, sharing a testimonial, campaign updates, and last-chance emails before the end of the campaign.


– New Donor Activation up 57% from last fiscal year

– Retained Donor Activation up 7% from last fiscal year

– Lapsed Reactivated Donor Activation up 64% from last fiscal year

**Of the lapsed reactivated donors, 57.5% were directly reactivated from this campaign. 42.5% were reactivated earlier in the fiscal year, but gave an additional gift at this campaign.**

Growth in Donor Activation Across Giving Levels

Donor Activation Sustained Throughout the Campaign

Spikes in Activation When Campaign Emails Were Sent and With Coordinated Remarketing Direct Appeal Ads on Meta

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Published by Riley Young

Riley Landenberger is Audience Engagement Manager at NextAfter.