Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional

What is a Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional?

Certified Fundraising Optimization Professional (or CFOP) is a credential that signifies a fundraiser’s expertise in the area of digital-first fundraising.

As it stands today, most consultants, agencies, and fundraising experts try to apply traditional fundraising practices to online channels and see minimal results.

Effective online and digital-first fundraisers require a unique skillset from traditional fundraisers in order to leverage emerging channels and use them to efficiently acquire online donors and grow revenue.

Benefits of Becoming a CFOP

The CFOP was created with goal of bringing more professionalism and formalization to the online fundraising space.

As a fundraiser, earning your CFOP credential lets executives, board members, clients, and hiring managers know that you are equipped with tested and proven strategies to achieve real growth.

It might just earn you your next promotion or job opportunity.

For fundraising executives, having your staff earn the CFOP credentials enable you to trust that your team is not just chasing the latest online trend. Rather, they’re equipped with the principles to apply new channels to a proven online fundraising methodology.

Requirements to Earn Your CFOP

To become a CFOP, you need to complete four courses — our core curriculum — and pass all the exams through the NextAfter Institute. This core curriculum includes:

Donation and Landing Page Optimization CFOP virtual workshop

Donation & Landing Page Optimization

Learn core principles of landing pages and what works to increase conversions for both email acquisition as well as donations.

Email Fundraising Optimization CFOP virtual workshop

Email Fundraising Optimization

Discover how to implement a humanized-email fundraising approach that leads to more opens, qualified clicks, and valuable donations.

Online Donor Acquisition

This course will show you a 4-step proven model acquire new donors online.

A/B Testing & Optimization for Nonprofits CFOP virtual workshop

A/B Testing & Optimization for Nonprofits

This course will teach you fundamental principles of a/b testing so you can discover what really works to keep increasing giving.

These courses can be purchased individually to take on-demand for $299 per course, or you can access them all for $49/month via a NextAfter Institute membership.

And for a more hands-on approach to earn your credential, we host a monthly live CFOP virtual workshop that is a part of the core curriculum. Attending these workshops and completing the exams can earn you your CFOP credential over the course of 4 months.

All courses and workshops are also CFRE accredited.

Find a CFOP

Below you’ll find a list of all current fundraisers who have earned their CFOP credential.

Most Recent CFOPs

Anthony J. Mioni Jr.

Becca Zebovitz

David Rowaan

View the full list of CFOPs
NameDate CertifiedContact Info
Anthony J. Mioni Jr.12/9/2023amioni@hli.org
Becca Zebovitz11/2/2023N/A
David Rowaan8/16/2023drowaan@bibleleague.ca
Jennifer Wilkinson8/15/2023jwilkinson@leaderdog.org
Samara Gentle7/10/2023samara@marlincommunications.com
Tony Cavicchi7/5/2023tony.cavicchi+cfop@gmail.com
Ezinne Uzoije6/25/2023N/A
Frances Jessop6/13/2023N/A
Rex A. Dwyer, PhD6/10/2023rdwyer@chaptops.org
Francis Quintal6/1/2023francisquintal.fq@gmail.com
Luke Byford5/30/2023luke.byford@gladney.org
Naomi Perks5/25/2023N/A
Charles Smith5/8/2023charlie@nextafter.com
Annie Hailey3/29/2023annie@nextafter.com
Audrey Gibbs3/22/2023audrey@nextafter.com
Rachel Reames3/22/2023rachel@nextafter.com
Avigail Goldberg3/21/2023goldbergav@ou.org
Laura Valentino2/22/2023laura@veritas.org
Matthew Hussy2/21/2023matthussey10@gmail.com
Bailey Wilcox2/06/2023bailey@nextafter.com
Becca Gust1/05/2023becca@frontier.io
Megan McCaffery12/29/2022acmemegan@gmail.com
Christopher Blackwell12/13/2022Christopher@nextafter.com
Edward Pohle11/30/2022N/A
Kate-Marie Thorpe11/08/2022katemarie.thorpe@gmail.com
Keith Franz10/24/2022kfranz@idonate.com
Karen Tanker9/26/2022karentanker@gmail.com
Charity Abate9/23/2022N/A
Barry Waters9/19/2022bwaters@idonate.com
Jessica Cunningham9/19/2022jcunningham@idonate.com
Terry Bailey9/8/2022terry.bailey@cmda.org
Marketa Dixon8/30/2022maja197@gmail.com
Liam Marais08/15/2022liammarais0601@gmail.com
Tristan Amaya08/04/2022tristan@nextafter.com
Gabriela Bocachica Negron06/24/2022N/A
Naymal Mehmood06/21/2022naymal@nextafter.com
Stacey Williams06/20/2022stacey@nextafter.com
Victoria Bianco04/27/2022victoria.bianco@aspirant.com
Brock Marion04/26/2022brock@nextafter.com
Rev. Trisha Elliott04/25/2022trishaelliott0@gmail.com
Peter Arneson04/25/2022parneson@chinasource.org
Joshua Arvie04/18/2022Joshua@nextafter.com
Aaron Dolton03/15/2022aaron@nextafter.com
Nicole Jensen03/13/2022me@nicolejensen.com
Ardee Coolidge03/11/2022Ardee@nextafter.com
Sara Hoshooley02/28/2022Sara@charityshift.ca
Brenda Peat02/16/2022brendacpeat@gmail.com
Laura Rose02/10/2022laura93rose@gmail.com
Camille Rodriquez02/07/2022crodriquez4@gmail.com
Jameson Marcus Tomlin02/03/2022jameson@tesorosdedios.org
Kelcie Baior01/25/2022kbbaior@gmail.com
Meike Sprankel12/30/2021meike.sprankel@getunik.com
Melissa Landry12/13/2021melissa.landry2@ochsner.org
Tessa Stouffer11/11/2021N/A
Ioannis Saratsis11/05/2021yanni@nextafter.com
Astrid Vancraeyenest10/27/2021avt@getunik.com
Suzanne Lieberman10/26/2021suzanne@suzannelieberman.com
Maddie Parham10/20/2021madison@nextafter.com
Meghan Sharon09/08/2021msharon@awla.org
Greg Wood09/02/2021greg@gregwood.ca
Deanna Blackwell08/03/2021deanna@nextafter.com
Courtney Kincaid07/30/2021N/A
Zarina Sakai07/29/2021zarina@nextafter.com
Heather Carlson07/26/2021heathercarlson2@boisestate.edu
Noelle Andreano07/15/2021N/A
Paul Crosby07/09/2021N/A
Jonathan Mair06/18/2021N/A
Katya Manges06/07/2021katya@causemic.com
Bea Jimenez06/07/2021N/A
Kristin Bogart05/25/2021kristin@fragilex.org
Shawn Simic04/22/2021ssimic@crown.org
Karina Rodriguez04/12/2021karina@nextafter.com
Travis Koch04/08/2021travis@nextafter.com
Riley Landenberger03/30/2021riley@nextafter.com
Amber Toombs02/21/2021amber@nextafter.com
Barnabas Lee02/21/2021barnabas.lee@gmail.com
Dan Whiting01/26/2021dan@danwhiting.com
Sarah Harrington01/18/2021sarah@thewellspringfoundation.org
Ayo Ojeshina01/15/2021ayo@nextafter.com
Emily Montesano01/08/2021N/A
Jayson Ursulak01/06/2021jayson@thewellspringfoundation.org
Christine Lancing12/30/2020christine@lancingconsulting.com
Bryce Johnston08/07/2020bryce@nextafter.com
Allan Torres11/07/2019allan@nextafter.com
Rebekah Josefy11/06/2019rebekah@nextafter.com
Nathan Hill09/26/2019nathan@nextafter.com
Brady Josephson09/26/2019brady@nextafter.com
Jon Powell09/26/2019N/A

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