The two questions nonprofit leaders across North America always ask us are:

  • How do we compare to other nonprofits?
  • How can I raise more money?

So we created this online fundraising report and model to help answer both of those questions for you.

The three online fundraising metrics that matter.

In the world of online fundraising, there are a seemingly endless number of metrics you can measure. But at the end of the day, there are only 3 metrics that directly influence online fundraising:

  1. Traffic: how many people are visiting your website or landing page?
  2. Conversion Rate: how many of those visitors become donors?
  3. Average Gift: what is the average amount of money that is donated in a single transaction?

These three metrics make up what we call the Flux Capacitor of Online Revenue Maximization (or “FCORM” for short).

When one of these metrics increases, it directly affects how much revenue your organization is bringing in. The real power comes when all three metrics increase. In fact, if you increase web traffic, average gift, and conversion rate by 25%, your online fundraising revenue doubles.

Thinking about your metrics in this way gives you a baseline for growth and shifts your daily focus to a single question: How do I optimize these three key metrics?

That’s what this report will help you uncover.

Start optimizing your online fundraising right now.

Ready to see how you’re doing and get insights into how you can start raising more money online? With just three simple data points — traffic, average gift, and conversion rate — we can show you how you stack up and provide recommendations and post to help you start improving in each area.

All you need to do is answer these three simple questions and we’ll send you your own, personalized FCORM report.

Get your personalized online fundraising benchmark report.