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Why Should I Give to You? The Nonprofit Value Proposition Index

Published by NextAfter

Late last year, our team at NextAfter started a secret research study to anonymously ask 120 top nonprofits one simple question:

Why should I give to your organization, instead of some other nonprofit, or not at all?

The answer to that simple question forms the core of your nonprofit’s value proposition, which our research has shown to be the single most important element you can control to increase your fundraising results. If you want to raise more money in any channel, you must strengthen and test your value proposition.

We asked this question through multiple channels: a phone call, on social media, and through the “contact us” form.

What we found was surprising. 

Many well-known organizations struggled to put together a compelling value proposition, or to unify their value proposition across multiple channels. Some organizations, however, presented excellent value propositions that inspired us to give! And the best value propositions didn’t always come from CEO’s and Executive Directors. Sometimes the person at the front desk gave a better value proposition than the Director of Development.

Introducing the Nonprofit Value Proposition Index

In this live broadcast, we unpack the results of this study and walk through some of our recent experiments that show how organizations see triple-digit percentage lifts to their online fundraising revenue by successfully addressing that one critical question.

Featured Experiments:

How copy on a donation page affects the force of the value proposition

How increasing clarity affects the force of the value proposition

How clarifying the call-to-action can affect donor conversion

How the force of the value proposition can be altered with a radical redesign

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Published by NextAfter