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Selling the Intangible: Increasing the Force of the Nonprofit Value Proposition

Published by Tim Kachuriak

Here’s a quick interview I did with Daniel Burstein of MECLABS on nonprofit value proposition.

I’ll be speaking on this subject at the upcoming MECLABS summit in New York City on May 21-23.

Working with nonprofit organizations, we see incredible power in the value proposition. When we can convey a nonprofit’s value proposition and communicate it with tremendous force, people don’t just say yes, they say HECK YES. A stronger nonprofit value proposition can not only unlock more donors, but can cause existing donors to give more generously.

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Published by Tim Kachuriak

Tim is the Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer for NextAfter. Tim has accomplished a lot over his career between driving online fundraising growth for countless nonprofits, sitting on the board of multiple nonprofits, and being a sought-after international speaker. But his biggest accomplishment may be winning "Best Stage Presence" for the 1991 Pittsburgh Boys Choir.