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Grow Your Revenue Without Asking For Money

Published by NextAfter

One of the hardest parts of fundraising is knowing just how many times to ask for a donation. If we don’t ask often enough, many potential donors won’t give simply because they haven’t been given the opportunity to support your cause.

If we ask too often, our email file and existing donors will get tired of us continually asking for money. This will lead to unsubscribes and poor engagement over time.

Thankfully, there’s another option to activate and develop stronger donors without asking for more money. One of the keys is content marketing.

In this live broadcast, Kevin Peters explores our most recent experiments that demonstrate how utilizing effective content marketing can drive significant increases in both donations and revenue for your organization.

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The Mid-Level Donor Crisis

We made mid-level donation to 37 organizations, monitoring all their future communication with us. After 3 months, we discovered that many nonprofit organizations are abandoning their mid-level donors, often never saying “Thank You” in any form, let alone cultivating them in an effective way.

Learn more about the study and get your free copy.


SlyBroadcast will allow you to leave voicemails for your donors in bulk without actually ringing their phone. If you test it out in your own fundraising, be sure to use the referral code 16599f100 to get 100 free calls.


We’ve used Enthusem to send hyper-personalized direct mail in order to engage donors in multiple channels. In one experiment, we saw a 204% increase in donations by sending an Enthusem cultivation post-card. If you want to use Enthusem in your own fundraising, send us an email at and we’ll help get you set up.

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Published by NextAfter